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Asked by her fans on her Instagram account, the singer Louane recently unveiled her ideal beauty and the name of her favorite lipstick.

As we know, social networks have totally transformed the way we communicate with one another and have become a popular tool for celebrities to maintain the link with their fans when they are not in concert or playing. ‘a mainstream film. We can no longer count the number of actors and singers who use TikTok and Instagram to share with their community of fans every behind-the-scenes detail of their professional (and sometimes even personal) life. Daily posts on their feed, shared story, live… Everyone has their favorite way to chat with their community. But there is one particularly fashionable way to bond with your fans: to be interviewed no longer by a journalist but directly by his followers via his Instagram account, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they want and find out what really interests them.

It was precisely during one of these question and answer sessions, in an Instagram story on his account @watchoutforthetornado, that the singer Louane told us more about her relationship to makeup, revealing in passing her favorite beauty look and the name of her fetish lipstick which serves to achieve it. Not particularly a fan of makeup, the young woman who is a fan of fairly natural beauty treatments still has her favorite products when it comes to priming herself. And to make up her lips, it’s like a lipstick bestseller from an English make-up brand available at Sephora that she trusts. At the question : “Your favorite make-up look of all time?“, the actress and singer answers: “Really, I would love to never wear make-up in my life again, but if I had to pick a look for me, it would be eyeliner, and the Pillow Talk lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, I could wear this every day of my life ”.

It must be said that this lipstick with a discreet shade is an iconic beauty product that contains more than one asset in its tube.

Lipstick nude universal

Louane is also far from being the only one to be a fan of this matte lipstick in the tint nude delicately pink. This star shade from the Charlotte Tilbury brand, nicely named Pillow Talk, has also inspired many makeup products following the success of the lipstick because it sublime all skin tones without exception. Besides its flattering color for all skin tones and able to subtly enhance any mouth, this lipstick bestseller also unveils a clever formula that moisturizes and protects the lips despite its matte finish, thanks to soothing antioxidant annatto and orchid extracts, as well as a blend of oils and waxes. Its 3D pigments are also not foreign to its success since they illuminate the lips so as to make them appear more plumper, and provide color that lasts for ten hours. Last detail and not the least: the tip of the grape of the lipstick is cut at a right angle to offer an application as precise as a brush. What to make a mouth to eat!

No wonder, then, that this iconic lipstick is among the singer’s favorite makeup products and many more. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, don’t hesitate to give it a try because it is definitely worth it! The good news is thatit can be found in one click on the Sephora e-shop at a price of 32 €.

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