her great love Cressida Bonas mum, she gave birth to her first child

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According to the British press, Cressida Bonas, the last ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry, has recently given birth to her first child. The young mother was photographed with her baby on the streets of London.

She was prince harry’s great love a few more years ago. Cressida Bonas33, actually lived a beautiful story for two years with the husband of Meghan Markle. The couple had met through the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, during a music festival in May 2012. After a year of relationship, visibly in love with his beautiful, the little brother of prince William had formalized their romance. But the two lovebirds ended up separating after two years of relationship, in April 2014, the young woman did not feel ready to live under the pressure of royal status. A break that did not prevent them from stay friendsas evidenced by the presence of Cressida Bonas at the wedding of Harry and Meghan, in 2018.

The actress and model has, for her part, reborn in the arms of Harry Wentworth Stanleya 33-year-old property developer, whom she secretly married in July 2020. Two years later, last summer, Cressida Bonas unveiled her baby bump at the wedding of Lady Tatiana Mountbatten and Alexander Dru. If she has not given any news since, it seems that the thirty-something has justgive birth to her first child, as revealed this Monday, November 28, our colleagues from DailyMail.

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Cressida Bonas happier than ever with her husband and baby

Indeed, the British tabloid did not lack show some pictures of the young motherin the company of her husband, walking through the streets of London and push a pram black in color. The angle of the photos does not allow you to see the infant’s face, but the complicity and happiness that can be read on that of his parents leave no doubt: the family has indeed grown. Usually very active and present on social networks, Cressida Bones has not yet formalized the happy event with his followers. So we don’t know, for the time being, either the sex or the first name of the newborn… But it won’t be long!


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