her parents pierced her baby’s ears without her consent

While they had custody of their granddaughter, some grandparents made the decision to pierce her ears against her parents’ advice. Furious, their son and his fiancée no longer want to leave her alone with them.

Having become parents to a little girl named Thalia nine months ago, a man and his fiancée took the time to discuss important things and make choices, as Magic Maman reports. They both agreed to one question: they won’t get their daughter’s ears pierced. On Reddit, the dad explained that his parents went against their decision two months ago. Since then, family relations have been more than strained. “We decided that it would be up to Thalia, when she is older, to decide if she wants to have her ears pierced, he says. I never liked the idea of ​​it being done on a baby when he can’t consent, like my fiancee’s parents who pierced her ears when she was a baby and she always hated wearing earrings . She never wears one ”. He and his fiancée had agreed that their daughter would not have her ears pierced as a baby. A position that the father’s parents did not share. “My parents kept saying she would be so cute” with pierced ears. But we told them no, period. “, he explains.

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All the family balance disturbed

If this dad decided to empty his bag on Reddit, it’s because things didn’t stop there. The grandparents of the little girl were against her parents’ decision. “ Once they kept it and they asked a friend of my mother’s to do it, we were damn mad that they did it behind our backs ”, confides this dad. Following this event, “We stopped talking to them because they didn’t respect our decision. ”

Grandparents who babysit their grandchildren would live longer

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The story could have stayed in the inner circle of those involved, except other family members stepped in, saying the girl’s parents were exaggerating. Their choice not to entrust their daughter alone to the grandparents has been criticized. “We decided to let them see Thalia only if one of us is present, and that we won’t leave them alone with her anymore”, explains the dad. Everyone keeps saying that we are mean to keep punishing them for something that is not that bad and that we treat them like children. Even my fiancée’s parents think that letting them see their granddaughter only with supervision is going too far and that they should be allowed to keep Thalia or have her at home alone, as before. “

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Support from internet users

Reddit allows you to ask questions and get answers to a community of Internet users on various topics and events in life. “We don’t want to change our minds and our conditions so that puts everyone back on us. Do we go too far in trusting them more to be alone with her? “, So this dad wondered. “I would no longer entrust my child to them”, answers a woman. “It’s not about the ear piercing, it’s the fact that they didn’t respect the parents’ decision. You can’t trust people who not only do things when you don’t agree, but also refuse to apologize for what they did ”, said another. And indeed, once the trust with other family members is broken, entrusting your child becomes very difficult.

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