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Céline Saffré, from the program Families and Many, looks back on the time her son was in a coma shortly after birth.

The summer break has upset the TV program of French channels. On TF1, for example, the show Large families: life in XXL has been replaced by The most beautiful holidays presented by Valérie Damidot. But fans can still discover episodes of their favorite family program around 9:25 a.m., from Monday to Friday. Over the episodes, viewers have become attached to the families of the program. Following their appearance on TV, some have become real social media stars. This is the case of Céline Saffré for example.

At the head of a tribe of 9 children, the 39-year-old mother often shares her daily life with her subscribers on Instagram. Better still, she confides often and without taboo on his family life and the events that marked their lives. This Tuesday, August 2, the great tribe celebrated an important event, the birthday of one of the Saffré sons, Jean. As a reminder, the family is made up of Paul, 12 years old, Jean, 11 years old, Adèle, 9 years old, Louis, 8 years old, Charles, 6 years old, Marcel, 4 years old, Rose, 3 years old and the youngest, Valentine, 2 year. In Story Instagram, Céline Saffré shared many photos for celebrate his 11 year old son. She also took the opportunity to tell what happened when she was born.

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Céline Saffré (Large families): “Life can change very quickly”

Céline Saffré therefore confided in these events that marked the birth of his son Jean. Eleven years ago, the young mother explains that she almost lost her baby. “Today is a big day. Eleven years ago, this little being came to enlarge our family. After a perfect pregnancy and delivery, her coming into the world reminded us how life can change very quickly” she wrote on Instagram. “After a week of pediatric resuscitation in a coma and a few weeks in neonatology, his strength and courage allowed us to regain a taste for life” she added, revealing a photo of her baby on oxygen. “And we are so proud of him. Happy birthday John. 11 years today” concludes Céline Saffré. This event is now far behind them. The small family is also preparing to welcome a ninth child. Indeed, the couple expects a baby girl who should be born in December 2022.

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