her son looks like her like two drops of water

On the kids' TV set, Mr Pokora had the cutest reaction when he saw how his son is his spitting image of him, kid. Looking at pictures presented by Laurent Ruquier, the singer marveled.

Music star Mr Pokora is head over heels for his son. And he doesn't forget to talk about it every time he appears on TV or on social media! It's on the set of France 2 this November 29, during the show Children of TV presented by Laurent Ruquier that the young dad once again marveled. The presenter indeed showed images of the baby singer, which immediately made Mr Pokora react.

A striking resemblance

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As her son will soon celebrate his first birthday, the performer is delighted to realize that Isaiah is his spitting image. “Looks like my son! Unbelievable ! Looks like my son, it's amazing. It is in Strasbourg that (…) I am hallucinated … ” Mr Pokora raved about the set at the sight of the pictures. It would seem that the only difference between the two is the color of the hair, Isaiah holding more of his mum on this side.

The actor and dancer, who grew up in the town of Schiltigheim near Strasbourg, has come a long way since his first steps in music! Besides, it looks like Isaiah is doing hers too! “He already has the rhythm! He crawls to come to my knees, to bang on the piano"the young daddy for C told you last November. At the same time, with two musician parents, you can only have the rhythm in your skin!

If the two parents of the little one have decided not to display Isaiah's face to preserve it, the couple keep melting us by talking about their little family! We love !

Video by Clemence Chevallet

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