Here are the 15 films that we will be able to watch on Disney +

Disney + is coming. This time, it is certain and the launch date is fast approaching. Until March 24, here are 15 films that we will be able to watch on Disney + and that will make us nostalgic.

The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetahs, it's a bit like the group of girlfriends we would have liked to be a part of. In addition, they had a crazy talent for music and it was something that made us dream. The music is iconic and hearing it again in front of Disney + will put us in the heart, for sure.

Princess against her

This film is one of Anne Hattaway's first steps in cinema. And it is undoubtedly one of those which make us the most nostalgic of our adolescence and our childhood. The American actress playing Mia in Princess against her. As a shy and ill-skinned girl, she will change her life overnight by becoming a princess. In addition, she is overseen by Julie Andrews!

High School Musical

We all watched the first part … And, between us, we all got attached to Gabriella and Troy until the last part. We still know music by heart. We are not going to lie! Disney + will be able to immerse us in the iconic soundtrack of this cult trilogy. We can't wait, really!

Freaky friday

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are mother and daughter … And they absolutely don't get along! One fine morning, each is found in the body of the other. It is a real emotional shock but they will get to know each other better. It is one of our favorite comforter movies of the 2000s!

The little champions

In The Little Champions, a lawyer who is more than pretentious is sentenced to community service after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The sentence is simple: he has to coach the ice hockey minimal team in Minneapolis.

Lizzie McGuire, the movie

We loved the series … Inevitably, the film entered our hearts as well. Hilary Duff in Lizzie McGuire is absolutely mythical. In this film, Lizzie becomes a song star during a school trip to Italy. This will be an opportunity to remember the good old days thanks to Disney +.

10 good reasons to dump you

It's a classic that you never tire of! Teenage stories in 10 good reasons to dump yourself are today considered essential. Watching this film should delight you, especially since it will be an opportunity to see the beginnings of the much-missed Heath Ledger but also those of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Not to be missed on Disney +.

Thirteen by the dozen

The 2000s were the heyday of Hilary Duff. He was a bit of a child star that we all admired. Besides its role in Lizzie McGuire, we saw it in other productions. Thirteen by the dozen is part of ! In addition, she is accompanied by Tom Welling, aka Clark Kent in the hit series Smallville.

Camp Rock

Camp Rock, it was the golden age of the Jonas Brothers but also that of Demi Levato. A whole generation was marked by this Disney film. And if the Jonas Brothers reformed some time ago, review Camp Rock will be an opportunity to plunge back into this era so distant and memorable at the same time.

Again you!

Again you! It's an opportunity to see Kristen Bell in something other than The Good Place and Veronica Mars. In this film, Marni discovers that her brother, Will, is going to marry the girl who made her go through hell in high school.

The ladybug returns

In 2004, Lindsay Lohan also impressed us in The ladybug returns. The actress was driving Choupette, a shock Volkswagen. One more classic to find on Disney +!

Maxi Dad

Dwayne Johnson also tried himself in Disney comedies. In 2008, he played Joe Kingman, a quarterback, star of the Boston team. If his life comes down to fame, celibacy and celebration, he will learn that he is a father. A tender film on father and daughter relationships.

Sister Act

She brilliantly mixed disco and gospel in the two parts of Sister Act. Whoopi Goldberg branded a whole generation in 1992 as Dolores. A song star who came incognito to a nun's convent, she made the church an ideal scene to express her passion for music. Sister Act, it's a crazy soundtrack and mythical scenes.


On the musical side, there were also Starstruck. The film highlighted the love story between a teenage girl, Jessica, and a singer Christopher Wilde. Love and songs … What more could you ask for?

Cadet Kelly

Hilary Duff also played Kelly, a student at the Beaux-Arts in New York who will change higher studies overnight. She will have to adapt to a strict world which is not at all familiar to her.

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