here are the 3 colors that you will see everywhere this spring


This year, spring will bring maximum softness to our wardrobes with colors that smell like the sun. Zoom in on the ones you will see absolutely everywhere!

1. The pistachio color

If you cannot enjoy pistachio ice cream on a terrace facing the sea, we suggest you integrate it directly into your dressing room! This year, the pistachio color invites itself into our wardrobe to bring softness and freshness. T-shirt, pants, handbag, blazer … It's up to you to choose the pistachio piece that suits you best. Good to know: it's a color that matches many more shades than you might think. Pink, beige, white or even black! In any case, we really like the rendering …

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2. Pale yellow

This season, pastel colors will be everywhere! While lilac is still popular this year, we will especially love the pale yellow. This luminous color flatters all skin tones and will be perfect to brighten up a slightly understated look. For example, you can team a pale yellow t-shirt with blue mom jeans, or go for a pretty pale yellow dress that will be perfect for the summer season. The cool thing is, it's a color that never goes out of style and regularly returns to the forefront of the fashion scene.

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3. The beige "mushroom"

Halfway between beige and brown, the "mushroom" color is the one you will see the most this year! We love the little cocooning side of this natural shade that will match easily with your entire wardrobe. If you can adopt it in small touches, we really like to wear this color in total look. A jogging or mesh set for maximum comfort, in short, you will have no trouble finding the fashion item you need!

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