here are the 4 makeup looks that will be essential and the professional tips for adopting them

Complexion, eyes, lips… Makeup artists have revealed to us the makeup trends that will be essential over the next 12 months. Make-up trends to wear from January to be fashionable!

While we are focusing on adopting the perfect manicure for the end of year celebrations or the trendiest lip makeup for Christmas, it is already time to anticipate our makeup bag for next year. To find out, we were able to count on the informed predictions of Mac makes-up artists, Tom Sapin And Marieke Thibautwho revealed to us makeup trends that will be essential in 2024.

It was in a secret room in Galeries Lafayette that we had the chance to attend this special 2024 makeup trends Masterclass organized by the Mac brand, to benefit from professional advice from these 2 makeup big names in order to adopt them to perfection before everyone. How to do eye makeup? What color lipstick to wear in 2024? What shades will punctuate our makeup? Let’s go for the make-up report on the 2024 trends with advice from make-up artists on how to adopt them well, not to be missed!

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Apricot make-up

Taking precedence over the strawberry make-up trend which highlighted cold pink in 2023, apricot make-up is thea makeup artist’s secret weapon to give a healthy glow” according to Tom Sapin. The apricot color, which is both warm, golden and orange-yellow, will become essential next year. It can be used “on all fronts, whether on the eyes, lips, complexion and even as a concealer” specifies the makeup artist.

How to adopt the apricot makeup trend?
In blush “with a W placement”or in “full apricot look, because it’s very flattering, it gives a healthy glow and a fresh look to makeup” advises the expert. To wear this orange color on the lips, Tom Sapin recommends lining the lips with a taupe lip contour pencil which enhances and defines while blending harmoniously with this orange shade. He also favors shiny finishes for this lip makeup. If you want to wear the trend on the eyes, he warns that this type of color can “to redden the eye”, and it is therefore preferable to apply “a beige pencil inside the eye to open and soften the eye” in order to benefit from the fresh effect of the apricot color. Tom Sapin also specifies that it is a color that may seem a little strange to you once applied to the eyes, but that it is enough to “wait until the black mascara is applied to see the finish, because this tempers the color and loses the strange side of the pastel apricot color which sometimes makes the eye too absent”.

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Understatement make-up

It is the makeup counterpart of the Quiet Luxury trend in fashion, which highlights neutral tones and sobriety. Ideal for those who like discreet makeup that is not noticeable at first glance, the “understatement” trend is still much more elaborate and visible than a no makeup look. For this trend which concerns the entire face, the complexion is still essential according to Tom Sapin. In particular, it must “enhance the beauty of the skin without frills, with beautiful materials”. The look must be “sculpted discreetly” and the mouth be nude, but sophisticated.

How to adopt the understatement makeup trend?
The makeup artist specifies that the idea for the complexion is to have a “transparent coverage” and a complexion “velvety”. In short a “modern soft mat”, not overly matified either, but with the concern to have “the perfect shade of foundation with the perfect undertone”. On the eye side, taupe shades are perfect for structuring the eyelids. The makeup artist also advises reworking the eye shadow with your blush to blend the makeup a little more delicately, and while remaining in a harmony of neutral tones. To complete the application of eye shadow, he advises in particular to have a light hand on the mascara, in order to amplify the eyelashes without thickening them too much. His tip for applying it? “Do not zigzag with the brush so as not to load too much material and possibly use a small brush to clean the excess in order to properly separate the eyelashes”. To open your eyes, “you can also put a beige pencil inside the eye”. For the lips, the lip contour pencil is essential according to the makeup artist, and it should be combined with a shade of taupe nude lipstick that flatters all skin tones. The idea being to “give the impression of just enhanced lips even though they are made up”.

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The burgundy mouth

After the cherry red lipstick which is popular at the end of the year, it is with an even darker shade of lipstick that we will make up our lips in 2024. As Marieke Thibaut explained to us, the burgundy mouth – which Mac calls the “diva lips” trend – is a bold statement that is fully embraced in 2024. A lip makeup trend that was inspired by the soft goth trend that took over our makeup following the success from the Serie Wednesday Addams and who will be “perfect for Valentine’s Day”. It’s the burgundy mouth that we often see on the fall-winter fashion shows but that we work in a “more glamorous version” again according to the expert.

How to adopt the burgundy lip trend?
To succeed, Marieke Thibaut invites you to draw a contour of the lips darker than the lipstick and well marked, but which is “Fade at the edges of the mouth” . Then, she advises coming and creating a “shaded mouth”, with the deep red lipstick that gives dimension to the makeup. His tip? “Always start by applying makeup to the center of the lips, then work the lip from the outside towards the heart with a brush to give a more rounded appearance to the mouth”. Although she advises using matte burgundy lipstick to ensure “a long-lasting finish,” she recommends finishing lip makeup with “glossy effect on the matte finish” with a lip gloss for an ultra glamorous result that is less dull than the dark lips we often see on the catwalks and stars. Enough to keep your complexion glowing in winter. Moreover, for the rest of your makeup, the makeup artist specifies that the burgundy mouth “combines well with luminous complexion”.

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Pearly skin

Our complexion will have a new look in 2024 with the trend of “pearl effect skin”, explains Marieke Thibaut. Gone are the days when iridescent shine was reserved for the eyes and lips, now all areas of the face can benefit from it, but in a more subtle way. To create these radiant reflections on the complexion, we rely on products that create an iridescent effect that captures the light. A very portable version of highlight makeup, which completely reinvents the way we approach makeup and which can be personalized according to skin tone with pearl effects in peach to golden or pink to silver tones depending on the cool skin undertone or hot.

How to adopt the pearl skin makeup trend?
To succeed in obtaining discreet but visible makeup, the key is to prepare your skin, reminds the makeup artist. Marieke Thibaut recommends treatments with balm textures, in addition to a serum as a base for complexion makeup. Then, and this is the central point of the trend, it recommends “apply the highlighter before the foundation, all over the face and blend it delicately into the skin” before continuing with foundation. To perfect the complexion, there is no question of letting involuntary shine take precedence over the pearly shine of makeup! The make-up artist insists and specifies that he don’t forget to apply a powder to mattify the middle area of ​​the face and between the eyebrows”, Nevertheless. To adopt this trend after 50, the makeup artist specifies that “strobing cream is a perfect cream for mature skin, because it is plumping, does not mark wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types”. For those who want an even more pearly approach, skin jewelry-style pearls are also an option and a perfect alternative to highlighter all over the face.

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