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This Thursday, January 20, 2022, Jean Castex announced the lifting of certain restrictions linked to Covid-19. In the program ? End of wearing a mask outdoors and teleworking.

Will we finally see the end of the tunnel? If the Omicron variant continues to make its way in France, faced with the decrease in intensive care admissions, Jean Castex has announced the lifting of a few measures. “This exceptional wave is not over, but I believe I can tell you that the situation is starting to evolve more favorably.“, explained the Prime Minister. From February 2, 2022, the mask will no longer be required outdoors. Teleworking will no longer be compulsory three days a week as was the case until then, it will however be recommended. For their part, cultural and sports establishments will be able to accommodate the public without a gauge, if they remain seated.

But that’s not all, from February 16, nightclubs will be able to reopen after more than two months of closure, however we do not yet know if wearing a mask will be compulsory. The consumption of food and drink standing up in bars will again be authorized.

Easing of the health protocol in schools after the holidays

After the February holidays, the health protocol in schools will also be subject to some modifications. “The current protocol will remain in effect for several weeks. We will take advantage of this time to see how things evolve. We will contact the health authorities again to see to what extent, at the start of the school year, we can adapt the system.“, explained Jean Castex. Among the reductions envisaged? “The lifting of the wearing of masks for students in elementary schools.

Finally, the vaccination pass, which replaces the health pass, will come into force on January 24 for all French people aged 16 and over.

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