here are the biggest flaws of this astrological sign

Taurus is an earth sign with many qualities. However, it also has its faults, more or less important…

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac (the others are Virgo and Capricorn). Its season runs from April 21 or May 22. He is very different from the other two earth signs : unlike them, he hates leaving his comfort zone. Instead, he prefers his routine and feels better that way: when everything is in order like clockwork. He has a certain taste for equipment, he loves buying new things, beautiful things. He is very generous, good-natured and is always the first to laugh or make jokes. It is also a reliable sign: you can count on it, he will always be there for his friends and family. If you trust him, he will not disappoint you and will take your secret to his grave. It is also one of the most romantic signs on the zodiac wheel. He gives a lot out of love and does everything for the person he has chosen to cherish, however, in society, this is not necessarily seen. Indeed, Taurus may appear colder from the outside, but this is also due to their unfailing frankness. He doesn’t lie, he doesn’t know how to do it, he’s too whole for that.

While Taurus has many qualities, it also has flaws, like all the other signs of the zodiac. Cancer is very resentful, Capricorn too ambitious, Aries too thoughtless, Libra too indecisive… In short, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Taurus’ biggest flaws

Every quality also implies a defect. For Taurus, his great loyalty makes him inflexible and uncompromising For example. He is demanding of himself and asks the same in return. If you betray his trust, he may be able to forgive you, but he will never forget or confide in you anything again: your relationship will never be the same again. Taurus is also a stingy sign... Yes, if he is generous towards his loved ones and buys new objects, he does not show generosity towards everyone. He can therefore come across as stingy. Finally, the Taurus is very stubborn. He will rarely change his mind, even if he knows he is wrong. He sticks to his guns, against wind and tide. He only reveals himself with those close to him and has great difficulty going out if he is not confident: he often has a restricted circle and is rather closed when meeting people.

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