Here are the first two VESA AdaptiveSync Display certified displays available

LG announces that two of its high-end gaming monitors have been awarded VESA’s all-new AdaptiveSync Display standard. These are the 27GP950 and 27GP850 models and are among the first in the world to benefit from it.

Source: LG

PC monitors often have a whole string of certifications and denominations to qualify the technologies they carry and the performance they are capable of. Recently, the VESA AdaptiveSync standard has appeared and two of LG’s PC screens are certified: the 27GP950 and 27GP850 models. These are high-end monitors with a size of 27 inches with a response time of 1 ms which are part of the UltraGear range; the range dedicated to gaming at LG.

The 27GP950 has a UHD definition and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, while the 27GP850 displays a QHD definition and a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

What is VESA’s AdaptiveSync Display standard?

VESA advertises its AdaptiveSync Display standard as ” the first certified, open-source industry standard for visual display performance on variable refresh rate displays “. It aims to ensure higher refresh rates and low latency, optimized for gaming, as well as maximum refresh rate “. To award it, VESA sifts screens through more than 50 test criteria.

Other VESA AdaptiveSync Display certified displays

VESA maintains a list of displays certified by its AdaptiveSync Display standard:

  • Dell:
    • AW2523HF (25″, FHD, 360Hz)
  • LG:
    • 27GP83B (27″, QHD, 165Hz)
    • 27GP95B and 27GP95R (27″, UHD, 144Hz)
    • 32GQ850, 32GQ85B, 32GQ85X and 32GQ850L (32″, QHD and 240Hz)

Other PC monitors should be awarded the certification, LG is notably talking about the UltraGear 27GP95R as well as other models which will be released in 2022.

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