Here are the gifts not to give to a teenager

We know that when your adored teenagers unwrap the gifts, they often dread disappointment. If you don’t want their first thought to be, “But what am I going to do with this stuff?” … then avoid this catastrophe by considering our pick of the worst gifts for teens.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to worry about the presents. Every year it’s the same hassle… For children, for teens, for parents, for grandparents, everyone’s desires are very different. Despite the wishlists that they take the time to write well, there are disappointments every year. And to please teenagers, the task is difficult. Adolescence is a special age. At this time, the child is still looking for himself. Their tastes tend to change regularly and it is difficult to pinpoint their desires. One day they want a skateboard, the next day it’s a surfboard.

Parents sometimes do not know where to turn and this is why this apprehension of disappointing is particularly present. Thanks to our selection of gifts that you should absolutely not give to teens, you will feel much more serene when opening the packages on Christmas Day.

The worst entertainment gifts

We all know (and teenagers more than others) that music hardly can be listened to via CDs anymore… It’s time to get up to speed and become more connected. Instead, opt for a Deezer or Spotify subscription gift card.

  • A bit outdated console video games

Avoid giving them a video game from a console they don’t own or are not so trendy anymore, like the Xbox one.

  • The books for students of the style “the philosophy for the dummies”

Don’t be a hasbeen, now is not the time to remind them that the baccalaureate is this year …

  • Books like “450 naughty questions and challenges for a hot evening”

If you want to create discomfort when unpacking gifts, go ahead, go for it!

  • A discount voucher for a “cultural experience”

Forget it, he’s never going to use it, it’s money thrown away. Instead, concoct a tailor-made afternoon in his company by mixing shopping, movies, restaurants and why not a visit to the museum of illusion or to a haunted house in the area.

The worst outfit gifts

Grandparents have this habit of knitting socks, sweaters or scarves and giving them to Christmas. But in most cases, teens don’t wear them. We have to face the facts… Itchy clothes are not the most comfortable thing.

  • Custom t-shirt and sock

We know it very well, teenagers very rarely wear personalized clothes, … not even as pajamas.

Pajamas and slippers are seen and seen again. They prefer to walk barefoot… right?

Boxes and boxes

Wonder box or bad box? The choice of places and activities is very limited and most Wonderboxes collect dust and then end up in the trash without having been used.

  • Ready-made toiletry bag bought in supermarkets.

A little cheap packaging, often heady smell, questionable composition … do we really need to detail more?

  • DVD box with all the saga

Harry Potter, Star Wars… They’ve already looked at them ten times. No need to clutter them up (and anyway, they can watch them in streaming as they see fit, so no need to clutter them up) … Besides, do they have a DVD player available?

Unnecessary gifts

  • Decorative fridge magnet

In addition to being bulky, we must admit that it is not the prettiest decoration.

  • The unusual “geek, do not disturb” or “here lives a handsome kid” door signs

If you absolutely want to decorate your teenager’s bedroom door, opt for hanging their name or a light garland instead.

Sites like Amazon are full of unnecessary gimmicks. There are housings for cotton swabs, phone cases with an integrated mirror, a cap with an integrated flashlight… This kind of gadgets will be used once, but not more…

  • A photo album to fill in

It’s true that having your photos developed is great, but teens prefer to store everything on their cell phones.

  • The gifts that do not change over the Christmases

If you want to clutter them up a lot more than they already are, that’s a good idea. And at least they will not be surprised ah ah!

  • Orangette, Mon Chéri chocolates or thistles

They may not dare to admit it to you but we are telling you, it’s a big NO, they hate these treats!

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