here are the most common passenger mistakes during short flights of less than 3 hours

When going on vacation, passengers do not have the same attitude on board the plane depending on the flight time. But many people make the same mistakes on short flights, experts say.

Although a short flight of less than 3 hours is much less tiring than a long-haul flight, we must not forget that the plane is a particular mode of transport which requires more preparation than taking the train.

And even if the journey is shorter, this preparation should not be neglected, especially since the flight can be delayed and the planes are not as well equipped as for long flights. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid according to experts.

Not having enough battery on your phone

Some smaller planes that fly shorter flights may not have charging ports for your cell phone. “Make sure your devices are charged before boarding to ensure you don’t run out of juice mid-flight,” says Eric Rosen, director of travel content at The Points Guy. The expert also recommends traveling with a portable battery as a backup.

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Getting too comfortable

“One of the most common mistakes travelers make on short flights is getting too comfortable, taking off your shoes, sleeping too soundly”, says Gabby Beckford, founder of the travel site Packs Light. A behavior that is not useful in the event of a short flight.

Forgetting to Pack Snacks

It’s not uncommon to be stuck on the tarmac longer than expected or to experience a cancellation or delay. You must therefore plan ahead and bring water and a snack. Especially since you don’t always find a catering service on board a short flight.

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Choosing the wrong seat

“Always think about your seat”, says Adam Duckworth, President and Founder of Travelmation. “Even if it’s a short flight, you will face the same problems as on a long flight. For example, people will still have to get up. If this bothers you, book a window seat. If you prefer have more space, book higher class tickets”.

Going to the airport unprepared

“One of the most common mistakes is not preparing properly for the airport: not giving yourself enough time, not having your documents and ID at hand, not properly organizing your liquids”, explains Esther Susag, blogger specializing in travel. “It adds unnecessary stress. Even though short flights seem less important, they are still part of the typical airport and flying experience.”

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Having too much baggage

Short flights often mean smaller planes. So be careful not to bring too much luggage as this could make your experience even more uncomfortable, due to the lack of legroom and the size of the seats.

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