Here are the most effective teas for losing weight according to a naturopath

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Tea is a diuretic drink that is often consumed as part of weight loss for its detox effect, but not all teas have exactly the same health benefits. A naturopath reveals to us which is the best tea to consume to lose weight according to your profile.

THE tea is a drink rich in antioxidants very interesting for the health and the beauty of the skin, even if one should not drink too many cups of it each day. It can also be used as a slimming ally due to its draining effect and its content of theine, a molecule similar to caffeine which has destocking effects approaching the latter,less strong but more durable” as we explain Nathalie Marchand, naturopath for Biosens Laboratory. It is thanks to her that all teas have the power to increase our basic metabolism to allow us to burn more fat without even exercising.

But if all teas are able to help us lose weight, are some more effective than others in this game? We asked the question to Nathalie Marchand and the naturopath is formal: some teas are more efficient. If we hear a lot about green tea as the best tea for slimming, she wants to qualify this statement. Of course, she claims that green tea is one of the best, but she also quotes us pu erh tea (a black tea) as an alternative to be preferred in certain cases, because each tea has “a specific action depending on the type of antioxidants it contains”. She revealed to us how choose which one you should drink regularly to lose weight more easily, according to your personal needs.

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Green tea for people with insulin resistance

All green teas are even more draining because they are richer in an antioxidant called catechin, and they will act on sugar metabolism. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth and have developed a little insulin resistance, they will have a tenfold fat burning effect because they will work “on blood lipid levels and insulin response” explains the expert, who assures us that “studies have shown it”. To find out if this is the slimming tea for you, ask yourself if you experience peaks of fatigue after eating lots of sugars. It is a very good indicator.

pu erh tea for people with cholesterol

Historically, these are the teas that were called “wasp waist” teas because of their slimming effect, the naturopath reminds us. This name, they clearly did not steal it. Even if they are less antioxidant and have a less important draining action, “they have an action that has been widely demonstrated and studied on blood lipid levels” points out Nathalie Marchand. “This type of black tea will be particularly suitable if you have a profile with cholesterol or fat that accumulates” recommends the naturopath.

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The naturopath’s tips for a more effective slimming tea

To have these effects, Nathalie Marchand specifies that it is necessary to drink enough tea per day and to make a cure of it. The ideal amount? Drink 3 to 4 cups of tea a day”. She also warns us about the importance of letting our tea infuse well because it is in the second part of the infusion that we extract the most active ingredients and antioxidants. “Your tea will be much more active” the naturopath assures us.

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