here are the prices, autonomy and all the technical characteristics

After four years of waiting, Tesla has finally delivered the first examples of its electric pickup, the Cybertruck. The opportunity to discover all the characteristics of this impressive car: price, power, acceleration, we tell you everything!

If you followed the live, you already know a lot about the Cybertruck, but, since we’re being nice, here is all the information in one place.

Is it practical?

The Cybertruck is above all a pick-up, and must therefore be capable of towing heavy things. It does well, very well in fact, with a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg). In the electric pick-up category, only the Rivian R1T manages to match it.

We can put lots of things

Regarding practicality, thanks to its air suspension, the ground clearance of 17″ (43 cm) remains the same, regardless of the load and the number of passengers in the car.

Is it efficient?

Thanks to its three engines and its power of 845 hp, the Cybertruck in its version Cyberbeast move forward quickly, very quickly. Count 2.6 seconds in Beast Mode to go from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h), a maddening score, beating the Model 3 Performance by half a second! We were even treated to a video of a drag race against a Porsche 911. As a result, the Cybertruck finished in front…while it itself was towing another 911.

As for the other versions, they are not unworthy. The “access” Rear Wheel Drive version goes from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds (its power has not yet been communicated), and the intermediate All Wheel Drive version completes the exercise in 4.1 seconds thanks to its 600 hp.

Is he easy to live with?

One of the (many) outstanding questions regarding this Cybertruck concerned its weight. Here too, the secret is out: it takes 3 tonnes (6,603 lbs, precisely) for the All Wheel Drive version and 3.1 tonnes (6,603 lbs) for the Cyberbeast version due to its third engine. The weight of the Rear Wheel Drive version is not specified.

This phenomenal weight, coupled with the 5.68 meters long and 2.41 meters wide (mirrors unfolded, but still!) could make us fear the worst regarding the handling of the monster. Good news: four-wheel steering is confirmed, allowing, according to Musk, to turn the Cybertruck shorter than a Model S.

To finish on the direction, second good news: we move on to steer-by-wire, which was sorely lacking in the Tesla Model S and Model X equipped with the yoke steering wheel. Here too, a good thing, given the strange shape of its steering wheel to say the least.

Is it expensive?

Last (important!) point that remained to be clarified: the price of the Cybertruck. Semi-disappointment: we will only be entitled to estimates for the moment. Two versions will arrive in 2024: the All Wheel Drive, priced from an estimated $79,990 (or around 73,500 euros), and the Cyberbeast at an estimated $99,990 (more or less 92,000 euros).

As for the Rear Wheel Drive version, it will arrive in 2025 with an estimated price of 60,990 dollars (around 56,000 euros). We are certainly very far from the $39,900 announced three years ago, but this Cybertruck still remains among the top of the market, and even less expensive than the Hummer EV, the other completely insane pick-up.

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