Here are the swimming pools that you can install at home without paying tax

Faced with the increase in episodes of high heat, many households want to take advantage of the coolness that a swimming pool can offer. A dream which however has a fairly substantial cost, which can however be reduced from a tax point of view, subject to certain conditions. Explanations.

Like most industries, the swimming pool market has grown significantly in recent years. So much so that there is now a model of swimming pool adapted to the desires but also and especially to the budget of each one, or almost. Depending on the size of the pool, the type of pool, the choice of different materials such as the coating, but also the different technologies installed, the amount of the estimate can vary completely. If the small inflatable pools are the delight of the little ones, there are on the other hand a multitude of models likely to satisfy those who wish to afford a source of freshness at home.

Beyond the cost of installation, a swimming pool leads to the payment of taxes which many individuals would like to get rid of. Every year, several smart guys also try to deceive the tax authorities by not declaring the installation of a swimming pool at their home. “Thanks to artificial intelligence and the photographs of the IGPN, 20,000 undeclared swimming pools were detected in 2022″recalled the Directorate General of Public Finance on the social network x, new name given to Twitter.

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Several exemption conditions

Indeed, as the government points out, an individual who wishes to install a swimming pool at his home must pay several taxes and duties to enjoy this property. The latter must pay a development tax as well as a local tax which includes a municipal share, a departmental share and a regional one. In 2023, the amount of the development tax for swimming pools is set at 250 euros per square meter of swimming pool.

A sum that must be paid only once by the owner who decides to install a pond in his garden. To encourage individuals to make their declaration in good and due form, the government is offering “total or partial exemption” from the swimming pool tax to those who make their declaration within 90 days of the construction of the swimming pool. The fact of having installed a swimming pool can increase the amount of property tax and residence tax, except for certain types of swimming pool. Indeed, if the surface of the pool is less than 10 square meters, the pool is not subject to any tax.

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An exemption that concerns all types of pools, whether above ground or dug. Finally, if it is an above-ground swimming pool which does not require earthworks for its installation and which can be moved without being demolished, the property is exempt from taxes.

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