Here everything begins: will Kelly’s father become a professor at the Institute?

In an unpublished excerpt from ‘Here everything begins’, Rose is trying to create a bakery module at the Institute and would like to bring Thomas Delacroix, Kelly’s father, as a speaker… Upon hearing the news, Laetitia panic.

Will Kelly (Axelle Dodier) and her father meet again in Here it all begins? As a reminder, the young girl has found traces of her parent who never raised her. Full of hope, she thought she could forge a relationship with Thomas (Ifig Brouard) after all these years…

Kelly very disappointed with her meeting with Thomas

Alas, Kelly was quickly disenchanted because the latter made it clear to her that he had no time to devote to her at the present time. Incidentally, Laetitia’s daughter (Florence Coste) also discovered that her absent dad founded a family shortly after her birth and that she therefore has a half-sister…

After this fruitless meeting for the second-year student, Kelly therefore decided with sadness to draw a line under Thomas… But this one could arrive unexpectedly at the Auguste Armand Institute!

In an unpublished extract unveiled by TF1, Rose (Vanessa Demouy) plans to create a new module for her master. She comes to see Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) in his office and explains to him what her plans are: Antoine would like to start baking lessons in the cooking school.

Will Thomas become a speaker at the Institute?

Laetitia who is present in the room listens to them, intrigued. Rose reveals that she has already selected three candidates to teach this module and their CVs are very interesting. She sends them to her partner’s secretary so that they can make their final choice as to who will become the speaker.

The assistant then looks at the profiles of the chefs envisaged and is amazed to see that of Thomas! Laetitia exclaims and Rose and Antoine then ask her if everything is fine. She lies to them and pretends that is the case.

However, knowing what happened between her ex and Kelly, Laetitia panics. She knows that if her child sees this man again, things are likely to go very badly… To be continued in Here it all begins.

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