Here is (finally) the (in) fallible test that tells you if you are expecting a boy or a girl


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Are you pregnant and dying to know if it’s a girl or a boy? So do our test quickly!

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You are impatient, curious, playful. In short, are you dying to know if you should buy baby clothes in pink or blue? This test is for you.
Based on famous myths and legends never scientifically proven (but ultimately, if they endure forever, don’t they have a background of truth?), It will finally bring you the long-awaited answer.
Does the future hold quilts and dresses that turn or rather underpants and bow ties? To find out, nothing could be easier: answer these questions about your round belly … and don’t hesitate to share this test with your friends-to-be!

Knowing the sex of your baby: popular beliefs vs science

There are many popular beliefs about the sex of the baby. In addition to the shape of the belly, small food cravings and cracks for dairy products, nausea, the pregnancy line (this brown line between the navel and the pubis) or the color of the nipples, some, like writer and science journalist Jenna Pincott, also believe that the breast size during pregnancy would determine whether it is a future teacher or an aspiring footballer who will show up in a few months. So, if your breasts get about 8cm in size during pregnancy, it would be a girl. If it’s around 6.3cm instead, it would be a boy. The explanation? A boy would produce testosterone which is found in the blood of the mother and would slow down the development of the breast.

In the series “changing physique” according to the legends of our grandmothers, we also have observing the white of the eye. So, if during pregnancy the white of the mother-to-be’s eye turns slightly yellow, an adorable little girl is expected. If nothing changes, it will be a boy.
Question weight, that of the dad would also be to watch closely for some. It would happen that some future daddies do a “brood” during pregnancy and even gain as much weight as their partner. Is this the case with your lover? Boy on the horizon (according to popular legend)!

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Let us not forget either the famous technique of pendulum to hold above one’s stomach. It turns on itself? Your can hides a little girl. If he swings, he’s a boy who will soon come to expand the family.
Even the moon would have a say in the conception of a child according to some beliefs. If baby was conceived between a full moon and a white moon, it will be a damsel. If, on the contrary, the conception was made between a white moon and a full moon, it is a little boy.

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In the face of all this (absolutely unproven) mythology, science also has its methods of determining whether the baby will be a little boy or a little girl. If you want to be fixed on the sex of your child, it is during the 5th month of pregnancy, between the 20th and the 22nd week of amenorrhea precisely, that it happens on the occasion of the occasion of the so-called morphology ultrasound. This is an examination performed by the gynecologist (sometimes a doctor or a midwife) during which the growth of the fetus, the development of its organs, its behavior and its position are checked. During this ultrasound, which lasts between half an hour and an hour, the practitioner is also able to determine, if the parents wish, the sex of the baby with a low (but real) risk of error.

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