here is the actress chosen to be the president of the 49th ceremony next February

The next César 2024 ceremony is being prepared behind the scenes, but the outlines are starting to take shape with, in particular, the name of the next mistress chosen to host it. And there is a good chance that she will be acclaimed…

The name of the next mistress Caesar ceremony is now known. The organization announced the news this Monday, November 20, and it isa well-known actress which had already assumed this heavy responsibility. Indeed, the 59-year-old Norman acclaimed in the film Aline which she herself produced had already hosted the César in 2010 with Gad Elmaleh, and successively in 2006 and 2007, at the Théâtre du Châtelet. It is Valérie Lemercierawarded in 2022 for her interpretation of her biopic tribute to Céline Dion, and holder of a total of three trophies in this very popular cinema ceremony: Best actress in films Visitors, Orchestra chairs And Aline.

In its press release, the Académie des César speaks of a “flamboyant artist who strives to take nothing seriously”. “With his kindness, his love for cinema and for those who make itit will celebrate the lucky winners of the Caesar 2024it is said, in reference to nearly 35 years of career in cinema, including several roles that have become emblematic in successful films such as The City of Fear by Alain Berbérian (1994), Narco by Tristan Aurouet and Gilles Lellouche (2004) or Royal Palace! that she herself produced in 2005, and to name just a few.

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Valérie Lemercier regular at the Césars

A few years ago, obviously very attached to the César ceremony, the actress and director published her “10 Commandments”. She thus revealed, with her trademark humor, the essentials for a mistress of ceremonies. Valérie Lemercier recalled the importance of always remaining very “near the toilets”to know “manage the unexpected” And “make people laugh while being respectful” and, of course, “know how to be alone on stage” (Vanity Fair). There is no doubt that Valérie Lemercier’s caustic but kind humor will delight viewers… The next César ceremony will be broadcast on Canal + THE Friday February 23live from the Olympia.

This announcement comes two days before the film’s theatrical release Noah’s ark of which Valérie Lemercier plays one of the major roles. This dramatic comedy by Bryan Marciano in which the actress plays the president of an LGBT association which helps people to integrate into society, and in particular to find a job, and is herself subject to to an introspection regarding his role. No one is yet able to say if this film will be nominated for the 2024 César Awards, or any other for that matter. It now remains to be seen which actors and actresses, or directors, and more… will shine next February on the Parisian stage…


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