here is the amount that the French lack each month to live comfortably

The French would lack nearly 600 euros per month to live comfortably. This is what the results of the latest Cofidis barometer reveal.

588 euros: this is the amount that the French lack to live comfortably each month. This is what the 12th Cofidis barometer reveals (1) on the purchasing power of the French. In order not to count every cent spent and to be comfortable with their budget, the French therefore estimate that they miss almost 600 euros per month. A sum that would be used prioritize the food budget (64%), then leisure (29%) and finally their energy budget (25%).

The French forced to use their overdraft more

The most significant price increases were felt in food (90%), energy (86%) as well as transport (72%), specifies Cofidis in this study, carried out in partnership with CSA Research. To compensate for the increase in prices, the French are planning to make even more savings on clothing (36%) and leisure (35%).

Nearly half of French people (44%) also think that the use of overdrafts on their current account is likely to intensify in the coming months. According to a recent exclusive study by Moneyvox, 36% of French people sometimes end the month overdrawn: 22% below 100 euros and 27% between 100 and 199 euros. Problem: exceeding your authorized overdraft is not free: agios, information letters to debtors, intervention commissions or even rejection fees, these costs climb very quickly.

The staggering cost of overdraft fees charged by your bank

(1) For its study, Cofidis used a sample of 1,000 French people, representative of the population aged 18 and over, interviewed online from June 21 to 28.

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