here is the cleansing product to ban from your intimate hygiene, according to 60 million consumers

All the cleansing products sold to clean the intimate area are not necessarily as essential or gentle on our intimacy as we think. Here is the one to ban from our intimate toilet, according to 60 million consumers.

Products dedicated to our personal hygiene are not only affected by the “pink tax”, they are also the subject of numerous prejudices which mislead us and sometimes make us adopt the wrong routine for our intimate hygiene, as underlined 60 Million consumers in his last special issue, Food and Health, dedicated to Women’s Health, which also reveals the best tampons to use and the best sanitary napkins if you are looking for good periodic protection. Among the findings made by the magazine’s investigators, we can note that, contrary to what one might have thought, cleansing treatments dedicated to the intimate area are already not essential for all women, but are above all a story of personal sensitivity and intimate comfort.

In addition to addressing the usefulness of this type of specific cleaners, 60 Million consumers also states that “Intimate cleansing can be harmful when it is done with unsuitable hygiene products or techniques”. In the magazine’s line of sight, we find in particular intimate hygiene products uncommon but which are “to forbid”, local deodorants to avoid odors in the vulva, which do not “that increase the risk of infection” according to doctors. But experts also cite a much more common intimate hygiene product: intimate wipes.

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Intimate Cleansing: Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Buy Intimate Wipes, According to a Doctor

If vulvar deodorants are dangerous for the intimate area, because they can cause intimate dryness and even infections, intimate wipes fortunately do not have these disadvantages, according to Dr Jean-Marc Bohbot, infectious disease doctor interviewed by 60 Million consumers. However, the doctor first reminds that “this is ecological nonsense” to use it, then “this is of no interest to the vulva”. According to the doctor, it would therefore not be at all an interesting product to integrate into your daily intimate hygiene routine. “In my opinion, wipes were invented to sell an additional product”, underlines the doctor, who assures that they are far from necessary if you simply clean your vulva in the shower every day. The only case where this type of intimate hygiene product could be legitimized is, according to the expert, “possibly for repairs during a trip, but certainly not on a daily basis”.

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