here is the family tree to understand everything

Like the Game of Thrones series, House of the Dragon can be a bit complex to take on at the character level. But don’t panic, here’s something to help you.

House of the Dragon like Game of Thrones chains the names of characters and the appearances on the screen, if you are a little lost by the different members of the same family or even that you confuse the characters. Here is a family tree that should help you understand this series.

A tree to understand everything about House of the Dragon

Warning, if you haven’t seen the series, this tree may contain spoilers :


We owe this tree to Reddit user Nownow184. We can see several families appear, including obviously the Targaryens, the Lannisters, the Velaryon and the Hightowers. What better way to understand who is who. It’s all the more complex for those who don’t really follow, as some actors have changed between episode 5 and 6 since the scenario takes place 10 years later.

The House of the Dragon series is a real success on HBO and it is taking the same path as Game of Thrones even if it takes longer to set up. To be honest, even with this family tree, not sure that everyone can still find their way around, so much the work of George RR Martin can sometimes be labyrinthine in terms of characters.

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