Here is the first Sonos Ace headset, and we tried it

Sonos is still a unique brand on the market. I discovered this brand in 2013 with their first soundbar, the Playbar. Since then, I have used it daily, combined with two Play:1 speakers and a subwoofer. It was a significant investment, spread over several years, but each component still works perfectly.

Over the decade, Sonos has evolved. In 2024, the brand takes a new important step by unveiling the Sonos Ace, its very first wireless headset. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and active noise reduction, these headphones were eagerly awaited. What is it really worth? Here is a first start.

A careful design

The design of the Sonos Ace is successful. The headband is made of stainless steel, wrapped in leatherette-covered foam, it provides balanced pressure on the top of the head.

Its design distributes weight evenly, ensuring optimal comfort even during prolonged use. This detail is particularly appreciated to prevent hair from tangling.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

The aluminum earpieces are mounted on telescopic steel rods. Although requiring some effort to adjust, these rods guarantee perfect stability, regardless of their length.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

Unfortunately, the headphones can’t fold, which makes storing them less convenient. You will have to go through the storage shell, and that obviously takes up more space.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

The memory foam ear cushions are super soft and magnetically attach to the earcups. Their oval shape avoids any uncomfortable pressure on the ears, a problem often encountered with circular ear cushions. This sober and timeless design, available in two colors, reflects the spirit of the brand… Personally, I like it.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

Controls located on the right earcup are intuitive and easy to use. A simple swipe up or down adjusts the volume, while a press of the key controls playback and calls. Another button allows you to quickly switch between ANC mode and Aware mode.

One negative I noted is the lack of a replaceable battery. This is common in wireless headsets, but it’s still unfortunate. This means that once the battery reaches the end of its life, there is no other option than to turn to Sonos.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

The Sonos Ace, however, comes with two very practical cables. The first is a USB-C to USB-C cable, useful for fast charging (3 minutes of charging for 3 hours of music) and digital connection.

  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.4 (multipoint Bluetooth)
  • Battery life: 30 hours claimed with ANC activated
  • Features: ANC, lossless audio with Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound AptX Lossless and Apple Lossless Audio Codec
  • Weight: 312 grams

The second is a USB-C to 3.5mm jack cable, ideal for use on airplanes. In both configurations, wired mode allows you to take advantage of lossless audio, thanks to the Qualcomm chip integrated into the headset. This guarantees optimal sound quality, without a Bluetooth connection.

The Sonos Ace isn’t just comfortable; it also offers sound quality which looks very good. The sound is well balanced and the active noise reduction (ANC) is effective, with three different modes. Aware mode is particularly useful for staying attentive to the outside environment without removing the headset.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

Sonos has found, at first glance, a good balance between highs, mids and bass, and they deliver a wider soundstage than you’d get with Sony or Bose headphones.

And for those who want to personalize their listening, the Sonos Ace is compatible with the Sonos app’s equalizer, which lets you adjust the different frequencies to your liking. But, the app offers a unique feature.

Home cinema in the ears

It’s when you have an Arc soundbar that the Ace headphones from Sonos reveal all their difference. Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your couch, ready to watch a movie without disturbing the rest of the family. You put on your Sonos Ace headphones, press and hold the home button and the headphones automatically recognize the soundbar, picking up the sound directly.

8 /10

Sonos ArcSonos Arc

But that’s not all that’s magical. The headset integrates spatial audio with dynamic head tracking technology. Sonos has developed technology to capture 7.1.4 sound from Dolby Atmos, providing an immersive audio experience. Thanks to the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor which detects the movements of your head, the headset adjusts the sound in real time, reinforcing the sensation of spatialization.

Sonos Ace // Source: Frandroid

What really impresses is the marked presence of audio spatialization. The sound seems to come from all directions, creating a cinema atmosphere in your home. The head tracking technology works perfectly, especially with dialogue, this allows for a unique sound experience that clearly distinguishes the Sonos Ace from other conventional headphones.

Sonos Ace // Source: Sonos

Thus, the Sonos Ace truly finds its raison d’être in this ability to offer exceptional audio immersion with the Arc soundbar. This function alone justifies its existence and positions it as a must-have for cinema enthusiasts equipped with Sonos equipment.

What about other soundbars? They will be compatible later (Beam, Beam 2 and Ray). In addition, the function can only be configured with iOS at the moment (to correctly map the environment with the function TrueCinema). We imagine that Sonos has studied its market, but that leaves a lot of limitations.

The price bites

The price bites, in fact: 499 euros, it’s a significant investment. Sonos has never been known for its affordability, and this new headset is in the same category as Apple’s AirPods Max, rather than models from Bose, Sony, or other mainstream brands.

  • Colors: black and white
  • Price: 499 euros
  • Availability: June 5, 2024

We understand that Sonos is primarily aimed at its customers already equipped with high-end products such as the Arc soundbar, to guarantee a coherent and integrated audio experience in their ecosystem.

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