here is the most rejuvenating hairstyle of all to adopt, according to a hairstylist

Not all haircuts are able to rejuvenate the face and highlight your assets after 50. A celebrity hairstylist reveals the ideal haircut to adopt in your fifties, the most effective rejuvenating hairstyle of all according to him.

With age, the oval of the face relaxes, making its contours less clear and more “square” than before. A natural evolution which also has a consequence on our hairstyle, because all haircuts are no longer able to compliment it as well as before, regardless of the shape of the face that you have as a base (round, square, elongated…). Short hair is not always a safe bet, as proven by the worst “memerizing” short cut to wear after 50, you have to rely on the expertise of hairdressers to find tips for rejuvenating your face thanks to his haircut.

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While bob cuts are among the best options, not all of them have a rejuvenating effect. Asked by Gala.frRudy Marmet, hairdresser to the stars to whom we owe in particular numerous transformations of the singer Louane and the sublime hair of Virginie Efira, revealed the name of the haircut that he finds the most rejuvenating after 50 : “There shag cut Of course !”. A bob cut which also has another everyday advantage…

Shag cut: the ideal bob cut to rejuvenate the face after 50

Inspired by the 70s, the shag cut, also called the “shaggy” bob cut, is a hybrid hairstyle between a layered bob and a modern mullet cut. It is establishing itself as a haircut and a hairstyle trend in its own right, thanks to its specific gradient. The latter which plays on the various lengths given to the strands to create a volumizing effect, made of several “layers” in the hair, rather than a simple gradient located on the oval of the face.

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Rudy Marmet explains that this bob cut comes in several lengths, to be worn depending on the shape of the face and the type of hair, as well as “square at the shoulders or mid-length”. Hair lengths that have the art of delicately lifting facial features.

Square shag: an easy-care square cut

In addition to being “a cut that is very modern, dynamic” according to the hairdresser, the shag cut is also a bob that boosts hair volume incredibly well, which is very interesting after 50 when hair becomes thinner with age. Ideal for saving yourself long hours of blow-drying and the use of lots of styling products, it lifts the hair roots and creates movement in the hair for a natural volumizing effect.

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Thanks to this, it also represents a real saving of time on a daily basis, because it is thus revealed, “very easy to style” as the hairdresser points out. Due to its pronounced gradient, the regrowth is also less obvious, which allows you to space out your hairdresser appointments a little.

Rejuvenating hairstyle: how to personalize your shag cut for a maximum “rejuvenating” effect after 50?

Once is not customary for a rejuvenating hairstyle, it is advisable to style this haircut around a parting in the middle which will, in this specific case, structure the volumes created on several layers in order to optimize the volume on the entire hair.

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The shag cut is also a bob cut that is regularly worn with bangs. Curtain or tapered bangs, whatever the look of the latter, Rudy Marmet advises going for bangs after 50, because they offer a real youthful look to the face, by camouflaging the wrinkles on the forehead and at the corners of the eyes, and by distracting attention from other signs of age present on the face.

3 stars who fell for a rejuvenating shag cut

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