here is the most rejuvenating of all to wear for a youthful effect, according to a hairdresser

Coloring your hair is not enough to enhance and rejuvenate yourself after 60 years. Certain hair colors can even have a counterproductive and “memerizing” effect. A hairdresser who is an expert in coloring reveals his unstoppable tip for finding the most rejuvenating hair color of all to adopt.

Have you decided to color your white hair to rejuvenate your hair and your appearance? But have you really decided on the ideal hair color for this? At a time when we choose to hide our white hair with dye, all colorings are not equivalent to rejuvenating our face using color. We must avoid the worst coloring to do after 60, of course, but certain hair colors can be “memerizing” if we misuse them at this age, just like the ideal rejuvenating coloring after 60 which can make us “grandmother” if you are making a specific mistake when you choose it.

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It is to help you see more clearly in your coloring options to be done at home or at the hairdresser that we questioned Thomas Tuccinardi, expert colorist International of L’Oréal Paris, who gave an interview to feminine to give you all his expert coloring advice. According to the hairdresser, even if a coloring must be personalized, there is good “a basic rule” that need “all the same” follow to find the most rejuvenating coloring of all in your sixties: “the more we lighten, the more it illuminates”. So understand that the most effective rejuvenating effect coloring after age 60 is therefore a coloring lighter than your base. But that doesn’t always mean what you first think…

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Coloring after 60: the “memerizing” mistake to avoid with your color

If this golden rule of coloring which applies when we are 60 years or over allows us to find the ideal rejuvenating coloring to soften the features of our face, it also warns us against one of the worst mistakes commonly made at this age when it comes to hair coloring: opting for a hair color that darkens your hair too radically to look younger.

As hairstylist Thomas Tuccinardi points out, “the darker the hair, the more it hardens the features” of the face, which therefore does not have the desired effect. On the contrary, this great precept of coloring makes it possible to avoid the memerizing effect of certain very dark brown colors after the age of 60.

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Coloring after 60: this coloring is the best of all to rejuvenate your face

Contrary to popular belief, lighter coloring to brighten your complexion and restore radiance to your mature skin does not necessarily mean lightening your hair as much as possible to appear 10 years younger. So don’t blindly fall for a polar blonde, thinking that you will look as young as possible by opting for a universal rejuvenating hair color. It’s even quite the opposite that we must do, according to the international colorist expert from L’Oréal Paris who reminds us that there is not one color to adopt”.

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As he explains: “each skin tone corresponds”, in reality “certain hair colors”. So don’t think about lightening as much if you have dark skin as someone who has very fair skin, “it’s a palette of colors, a multitude of choices available to you,” as long as you keep in mind that the best rejuvenating hair color after 60 for you is necessarily a lightening color that also enhances your skin color by being in perfect harmony with it.

Coloring after 60: this criterion too often neglected when choosing your hair color

The color expert goes even further, reminding us that a truly rejuvenating color is also a color that reflects our personality and our state of mind.

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“There are no rules and my objective as a hairdresser is to really take advantage of the diagnosis to analyze the personality and temperament of the person, even beyond their complexion”, he emphasizes. For the expert, the most flattering color after 60 which will have a youthful effect on the face is also a “perfect color that matches her skin tone and personality,” and not just light coloring.

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