here is the new jacket to adopt this spring 2024 (both chic and casual)

Spring has arrived. It’s time to break out our mid-season jackets. Exit the blazer, a newcomer is entering our wardrobes in 2024.

The spring season is the one that heralds sunny days, vacations, mild temperatures, but also spring cleaning and sorting. This season makes you want to start from scratch by getting rid of the fashion pieces you don’t wear by giving them away or selling them on second-hand platforms. This allows you to take stock and possibly know which are the next trendy fashion pieces that you are going to fall for.

In spring, we happily swap our down jacket, our faux fur, our wool coat, for lighter mid-season jackets. The most common and timeless is certainly the oversized blazer. It goes with everything, matches all styles and all ages. If it remains a must-have every year, it will be dethroned by another model of mid-season jacket in 2024. A jacket that we see everywhere: the straight, belted cargo jacket.

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The cargo jacket, the most stylish for spring 2024

If there is one jacket that is very successful in 2024, it is the cargo jacket. Short or long, this light jacket is very popular. It has a very elegant safari jacket feel if it is long and belted. We love it in neutral shades like khaki green, beige, cream, white… Timeless colors that go with everything. We also like the cargo shape with a denim fabric: it’s a mix that works very well because it combines two major fashion trends.

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How to wear the cargo jacket? Rest assured, it’s very simple. It’s a strong piece of your look. It goes very well with wide or straight jeans (two of the most fashionable models of the moment) and a simple white top. You can also wear it with colored or black wide pants such as suit pants for example. It will be sublime with a long denim skirt (chic and trendy), a long satin skirt or even a short pleated skirt. This skirt is getting very good press in spring 2024.

Other trendy jackets for spring 2024

If the cargo jacket is a new must-have, it is not the only very trendy jacket in 2024. In fact, others are very successful, like the denim jacket for example. We like it short and oversized, or straight and long. We also really like the colorful tweed jacket, very chic, which gives a classic look to a look. The short and very long trench coats are also very fashionable: just like the blazer, these are timeless models.

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The bomber also remains a must-have for spring. Short, long, oversized, we love it in all its forms. For a more defined silhouette, opt for a short bomber jacket with shoulder pads, for example. We also really like the very oversized khaki or gray models. The bomber has a sportswear side that allows you to add a touch of originality to an outfit. It can be worn with many other pieces already in your wardrobe: wide jeans, suit pants, a denim skirt… You are spoiled for choice. The quilted jacket also has a bright future ahead of it: we love floral models for example. Finally, the bomber or straight oversized leather jacket is very trendy and we love it in spring 2024. Blazer, bomber… All these types of jackets are trendy, especially if you opt for a leopard print model. Indeed, leopard, timeless, is establishing itself as a real trend this year.

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