here is the number of soul mates you would have in France

Does a soul mate really exist? According to mathematician Bobby Seagull, we wouldn’t have one ideal partner, but dozens. He calculated the average number of potential soulmates for French singles.

Many dream of finding true love, “the” perfect person to share everything with. Behind this quest for the “right person” who continues to inspire dreams, hides a myth as old as the world: that of the soul mate, who would meet all our expectations. According to a survey conducted by Badoo, 90% of people looking to meet in France feel under pressure to find a soul mate. But does it really exist? What if the soul mate actually has multiple faces? In any case, this is what Bobby Seagull, an English mathematician and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers : “I always thought that there were many possible ‘chosen ones’ for each of us. The concept of a single perfect partner among the billions of people on the planet is mathematically very unlikely ”. The dating site Badoo therefore asked Bobby Seagull for help in calculating the odds of finding true love.

Several possible soul mates in France

Bobby Seagull calculated the probabilities of finding an ideal partner (with mutual attraction), by analyzing 12 population factors: age group, average size of a city, success rate of a relationship, percentage of singles … Result? You could have 30 different soul mates in France! The mathematician said: “I hope this study will help people feel more optimistic about their romantic journey. Everyone is different, so unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule, but being open and honest should mathematically increase the chances of finding a mate – note, however, that mathematics does not take into account the chemistry and attraction when meeting in person. ” Something to reassure single people who are afraid to miss the chosen one of their heart.

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