here is the perfect shower oil to avoid itching

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Ideal for relieving itching, this shower oil is particularly suitable for sensitive or atopic skin suffering from eczema. We tell you all about this soothing product.

According to a FIFG surveyeczema is the third most common skin disease in France and affects more thanone in three French people During his life. Caused by genetic or environmental factors, but also stress or diet, it is manifested by eczematous outbreaks that cause irritation and patches of dryness. To prevent these crises, but also to relieve the itching, it is advisable to use care adapted to sensitive and atopic skin.

When showering, it is particularly beneficial to use a product which does not irritate the skin and which protects its hydrolipidic film. The best formula? THE shower oils, such as that of the Avène brand: Xeracalm AD A real best seller, this soothing shower oil reduces itching by 85%. We tell you everything about this product.

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The best shower oil to relieve itching

This shower oil is soap-free, fragrance-free and with physiological pH. It contains soothing Avène thermal spring water as well as patented anti-itching active ingredients: I-modulia and Cer-Omega. A very gentle formula that respects the skin microbiome and preserves the hydrolipidic film. It can be used on the face, body and scalp, on newborns as well as adults. If you suffer from eczema, you can also use the lipid-replenishing cream and balm from the same range.

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