Here is the proof that long hair can even be worn at 40!

If long hair is often associated with youth, it is not forbidden to wear it after 40 years. And on the contrary, sporting long hair when you start to get older can make you look younger. Here is the proof in pictures that long hair can be worn at any age.

From a certain age, beauty magazines and hairdressers start telling you that you should cut your hair long and adopt a shorter hairstyle. In your 40s, you are expected to ditch your long curls, lifted up hairstyles, and hair that grazes the chest in favor of shorter cuts. While many women love their chic looks, that doesn’t mean others should feel pressured to adopt the same style.

Sometimes women cut their hair out of necessity. When menopause arrives and hormones change, hair texture changes. The hair does get shorter, but above all because it is thinner and drier, which means that with a short cut, it becomes easier to maintain. In addition, with this kind of bangs, the hair looks healthier and fuller. But short haircuts aren’t to everyone’s taste. You shouldn’t have your hair cut according to your age and what others want, but according to your desires. So if you want to wear hair that goes down to your butt at 55, you have the right!

If you like to have long hair but feel like this cut is frowned upon by those around you, you’ve come to the right place. There are many women over 40 who refused to have their hair cut and kept their hair long. Whether it’s gray braided hair, natural hair styled in dreadlocks or loose hair, you will find many sources of inspiration through our album.