here is what changes for Fortuneo’s stock market formulas

The online bank Fortuneo has overhauled its stock prices. The four old formulas will be replaced by three new ones from March 4, 2024. We explain everything to you.

Change is coming to Fortuneo! Online banking customers who invest in the stock market may have already had the information: from Monday March 4, 2024, three new profiles will appear. So no more four formulas (zero brokerage, Optimum, active trader and Trader 100 orders), introduces three new formulas: the starter rate, the progress rate and the pro trader rate.

For brokerage fees (by order executed on Euronext Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam or Equiduct), the price is zero euros for the first order less than or equal to 500 euros each month for the Starter offer. Then the rate is 0.35% per order. Concerning the Progress profile, the fees are 4.90 euros for an order less than or equal to 3000 euros, and 0.15% for an order higher. Finally, for the Trader Pro offer, the fees are 9.50 euros for an order less than or equal to 10,000 euros, and 0.10% for an order higher.

Several tens of euros in savings for certain profiles

According to the calculations carried out for our comparator, for a beginner profile (who carries out two orders per month on Euronext, for an average amount of 300 euros), these changes involve costs going from 3.90 euros (with the optimum offer) to 1. 05euro (with the starter offer). For an experienced client (who diversifies his purchases and carries out 10 orders per month, each of 500 euros on average, on the Euronext market, European and American stocks), the costs will now amount to 328.80 euros with the improved offer, compared to 403.90 euros so far with the Optimum offer.

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Finally, the third profile, an informed investor, carries out, according to our simulation, 30 orders per month, including 6 on Euronext market bonds, 16 on European shares and 8 on American shares, with an average amount of 1000 euros. For this profile, the fees go from 933 euros (with the Active Trader offer) to 905.40 euros (with the new Progress offer).

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