here is what Florent Pagny hates in the show, according to Vianney

Saturday March 30, during Selma’s performance in The Voice, Vianney revealed what his former sidekick Florent Pagny particularly hated when he was a coach in the TF1 show. A little rejection that he shares.

During the last round of blind auditions, the coaches were impressed by the performance of Selma, a 17-year-old young woman who offered a magnificent reinterpretation of I am leaving. Despite the quality of their passage, none of them turned around. After hugging her for a long time to comfort her, Vianney explained. If he had “loved some parts” of the performance and that he had been “very touched” that Selma had chosen to sing his song, he also judged that he could “not base it solely on that criterion”.

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By association of ideas, the ex-coach of Mentissa came to think again of Florent Pagny, ancient coach The Voicewith whom he had shared many emotional moments. As Vianney remembered, his ex-acolyte was an intransigent person, who could not “stand” when the candidates covered his songs. In question ? The quality of their service, which was often lacking, according to him. “He told me: ‘You know, I’m always a little disappointed when the guys cover my song’”quoted Vianney, launching into a somewhat dubious imitation.

Vianney in The Voice: he admits not appreciating this habit of certain candidates

But Florent Pagny is obviously not the only one not to appreciate the reinterpretations of his hits. “Me too, I am often a little disappointed when my songs are covered”, assumed the 33-year-old singer on set. ” Et especially this one, which has an intensity issue”, he clarified.

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If he nevertheless assured not to be “disappointed” by the performance of Selma, the interpreter of For real judged that he lacked precisely a little of this necessary intensity in his representation. Nevertheless, all the coaches reassured the young woman about her talent. Zazie notably praised “fineness”, “accuracy” and “sensitivity” of its reinterpretation. Given her young age and her already great talent, there is little doubt that we will find Selma again soon. And why not in the next season of The Voice ?

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