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With the establishment of a second confinement on Friday, October 30, 2020, culture and small businesses are taking a hit. We take stock of the bookstores which, despite their closures, click and collect.

The second confinement began on Friday, October 30, 2020 and many questions are being asked. The essential products remain available in supermarkets. But many are the shelves of products considered "non-essential" that have closed. But is this really the solution to avoid penalizing small specialist shops? Bookstores, for example, are at a dead end.

Massive support for bookstores

If health is the priority of all of us, we must admit that many independent bookstores find themselves in difficult situations. On Twitter, many personalities, journalists and literary enthusiasts have been worried about the future of their neighborhood bookstores. Will they be penalized for online orders? Joann Sfar, for example, spoke on the show "Boomrang " of France Inter. At the microphone of Augustin Trapenard, the comic book author, worried that independent bookstores were shutting down because of the health crisis.

Should bookstores really stay open?

If the support for bookstores is heartwarming, we unfortunately forgot to give the floor to the main stakeholders. This is where the power of Twitter came into play. Booksellers spoke out and, despite the good intentions of some, set the record straight. Booksellers want to preserve their health above all. On August 31, 2020, for example, the Twitter account La Libraire Fâchée wrote a long thread about it: "Please stop calling to reopen bookstores. Bookstore workers are tired from exhausting physical labor and do not want to be exposed to the virus unnecessarily." recalls the Twitter profile before adding that "No, this is not essential trade."

Click and collect: which bookstores use it?

Leaving bookstores closed therefore seems wiser to limit the spread of the virus. But that does not preclude supporting independent booksellers. Many are those who have set up a click & collect. To allow you to continue exploring literature despite this somewhat complicated period, here are the independent booksellers who do Click & collect and who need to be supported.

  • The independent bookstore Decitre offers online orders, but also to pick up in store. Mangas, novels, comics… You will be served!
  • Les Éditions Eyrolles offers the purchase of books to be picked up in bookstores near you.

You can also find all the bookstores that make click & collect thanks to this interactive map.

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