Here it all begins: a surprising marriage proposal at the institute

According to a new excerpt unveiled by TF1, the faithful of “Here it all begins” should attend a marriage proposal as surprising as it is unexpected in the next episodes.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

If we had to classify the leading couples of Here it all begins, Mehdi (Marvin Pellegrino) and Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) would certainly prance in the lead. However, while they had been spinning the perfect love for several months, nothing has been going well between them for some time.

Indeed, to advance their couple, Hortense and Mehdi decided to learn to detach themselves from each other by doing things each on their own. And if the young man hardly notices the absence of his girlfriend, it is not the case of the latter who keeps thinking about him.

A complicated period for Hortense who finds the need for freedom of the man she loves very difficult and who therefore asks herself many questions about their relationship. Having the impression that he is gradually moving away from her, Hortense even begins to question Mehdi’s feelings.

To be reassured, she needs proof of love and this proof could lead her to have a rather surprising idea in the sequel to Here it all begins. And if she asked Mehdi in marriage?

In a new excerpt available on MYTF1, Hortense joins Mehdi in the vegetable garden and kisses him tenderly. A gesture that surprises Medhi given the recent tensions in their relationship.

After Hortense admitted that this period was hard for her, Mehdi admits having gone a bit far with this story of distance then apologizes to her for having hurt her.

It’s just that you scared me a little. At one point, I even thought there was an imbalance between us, that I loved you more than you “Admits Hortense. By taking the time to reflect, Hortense understood that she only needed proof of love.

It is therefore with enthusiasm that she launches, We could get married ! “.

Mehdi laughs at first but quickly loses his smile when he realizes that Hortense is serious and that she is suggesting a Valentine’s Day date for the wedding.

I know it sounds a little crazy but we love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together right? “. Even if Mehdi agrees, however, he would like to finish his studies before taking the next step. But nothing helps.

I think that’s what we need. And me at least like that, I would be reassured for good. So you want to marry me? “, she concludes.

Uncomfortable, Mehdi then responds with a small “Yes“before Hortense throws herself into his arms drunk with happiness. Although they are now engaged, will Mehdi go all the way despite his love for her? Answer soon in Here it all begins.

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