Here it all begins: Hortense on the way out? The focus of Catherine Davydzenka

Will Catherine Davydzenka in turn leave “Here it all begins”? In the intrigues of the series, Hortense indeed hesitates to leave to work in Bordeaux or to become a teacher within the Institute…

Hortense comes back fully into the light in Here it all begins… The endearing protagonist played by Catherine Davydzenka has indeed been at the center of the intrigues for a few weeks.

Between the arrival of her mother, Eugénie at the Institute, her potential health concerns and the offer of Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) to become a teacher in the cooking school, the young woman does not have time to breathe. !

Hortense faced with a dilemma

Mehdi’s girlfriend (Marvin Pellegrino) was also faced with a great dilemma in the episode of Thursday May 26 broadcast on TF1 (the channel programs the soap opera every evening, Monday to Friday, from 6:30 p.m.) : assist a chef in his restaurant in Bordeaux or accept the famous job offer of the director for the next school year…

After the successive departures of Maxime (Clément Rémiens), Greg (Mikael Mittelstadt), Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and soon Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), will Hortense be the next to leave to explore new culinary horizons? The interpreter of the character gave the answer to Télé-Loisirs as to his future in daily fiction.

Hortense makes the decision to be… a teacher at the Institute, announces the actress. She really discovered a passion, it’s important. It’s a bit like when she discovered that she wanted to do cooking and not medicine. There, she realized that she wanted to pass on her knowledge, even if it meant not being in the spotlight.

Hortense future teacher

Thus, it seems obvious that Catherine Davydzenka will continue to play in Here it all begins! A certain relief for fans who are nevertheless worried about seeing Hortense in bad shape… In an unpublished extract from the soap opera unveiled in advance by TF1, Vic’s sister (Lou Ladegaillerie) feels bad in the locker room and faints!

David (Liam Hellmann) and Deva (Kathy Packianathan), whose opinions differ on Hortense’s teaching methods, come to her aid… Is she overwhelmed by her stress because of her new responsibilities or does she cover up? she something more serious? To be continued in Here it all begins, where a student says goodbye to her classmates…

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