Here it all begins: jealousy in the air at the Institute, Clotilde tackles a student for free!

This week in Here it all begins, a remark from chef Armand pushes a first-year student to wonder if her teacher doesn’t have something personal against her.

Warning, this article contains spoilers about the sequel to Here It All Begins.

Does jealousy push Clotilde to abuse her position as a teacher? This is, in any case, the question that we can ask ourselves when discovering the unpublished extract from the episode of Here it all begins tomorrow, Tuesday November 28revealed in advance by TF1.

Indeed, in this scene, we find Billie (Margaux Aguilar) and Pénélope (Laurence Facelina) in the Double A kitchens, one helping the other to revise a technique for her exams this Thursday. At the same time, chef Armand (Elsa Lunghini) arrives in the kitchen to prepare for her upcoming course.

For Clotilde, Pénélope obviously has better things to do than revise

Curious to know what keeps her students busy, Clotilde begins to observe them from afar, before quickly becoming annoyed when she sees the level of her first year student. The boss then asks her if she was absent from class when she explained this technique barely a month ago. Penelope answers him in the negative. While Billie encourages the young woman not to let herself be distracted, nor to get involved in their teacher’s game, the latter chooses to put pressure on her by staying next to her for the rest of the revisions and by taking her back to the slightest error.

Penelope then timidly tries to explain to him that she simply hasn’t had time to practice this technique since her class. “Well, however, to hang out in cafes, I have the impression that you find the time without any problem…”Clotilde retorts dryly, before leaving for some fresh air.

A bad day for Clotilde or a sign of jealousy?

For the first year, there is no doubt: his teacher saw him go for a drink at the café with Joachim (Janis Abrikh) the day before and thinks that she is flirting with his companion.

Seeing her prom goddaughter destabilized, Billie immediately reassures her: she has nothing to reproach herself insofar as it was not a date, so there is no reason to let herself be attacked by a dig. “a bit gratuitous” from Chef Armand, who perhaps simply got up on the wrong foot. With that, the two students resume where they left off.

So, is Billie right, or is Penelope now in Clotilde’s sights and this remark is only the beginning of the problems? Will the young woman tell her friend Joachim about it? The next adventures in Pénélope’s life can be discovered in Here it all begins, Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1.

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