Here it all begins: Laetitia and Stanislas finally a couple, this blunder that will change everything

In Here It All Begins, Laetitia and Stanislas are finally a couple but this blunder threatens to turn everything upside down.

There is love in the air! Yes, if we have long wondered who between Laetitia (Florence Coste) or Maïa would be the lucky one in Stanislas’ (Hubert Roulleau) heart, it is finally Kelly’s mother (Axelle Dodier) who has pulled off a coup.

Remember, the head waiter took advantage of an intimate moment in the storeroom to confess that he was in love with her. A declaration of love that upset Laetitia. Now separated from his wife, the young man can finally live his romance freely… or not!

Indeed, it does not seem so obvious to Duchesnay. According to a extract unpublished by TF1, he does not want everyone to know that they are together. So he asked Laetitia to address him formally again when they work at the Double A.

A request that greatly disturbs Alice (Noémie Zeitoun)! Inquisitive as usual, she simulates several situations to find out in which context the two lovers will be able to address each other informally or not. Examples that will end up making Laetitia crack, particularly tense on the subject:

“I’m going to burn out with your bullshit!”

“No, but that’s enough actually! I’m doing my best to be super professional and to act as if nothing’s happening, but it’s schizophrenic right now. I’m going to burn out with your bullshit! ‘You’, ‘tu’, we shouldn’t mix them up, we act as if we’re just colleagues when we’re actually together… that doesn’t suit me at all actually!”

“I don’t know how to pretend!”

She continues, speaking louder and louder: “I can’t pretend! If I have feelings for you in the morning at breakfast, I still have them in the afternoon. I’m not a robot!” And when Alice retorts: “So, that’s it! You’re finally sleeping together?” Laetitia realizes that everyone heard it…

Will this blunder put the brand new couple in trouble? To find out, you’ll have to be patient! Join us tonight at 6:30 p.m. on TF1 to discover a new episode of Here It All Begins.

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