Here it all begins: Louis surprises Charlène kissing Livio and loses control of himself

In an unpublished extract from “Here everything begins”, Charlène pursues her revenge against Louis by kissing Livio in front of her ex-fiancé… Mad with rage, the young teacher completely loses his temper!

Nothing is going well between Charlène (Pola Petrenko) and Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) in Here it all begins… Indeed, the young girl discovered that her fiancé was flirting with a camgirl because he felt neglected from an intimate point of view. Already very annoyed by this act, the anger of Teyssier’s daughter (Benjamin Baroche) only grew when she learned that her virtual rival was none other than Billie (Corentin Pellis), a detail that Louis was totally unaware of.

Charlene kisses Livio

In revenge, Charlène doubled her ingenuity and broadcast during the gala dinner for the 30th anniversary of the Auguste Armand Institute the conversations of her dear and tender and her charming interlocutor! She even argued that Louis knew very well who the latter really was and that he therefore paid his student to obtain naughty content.

Humiliated, Louis is doing very badly since this scandal… But Charlène does not intend to stop there! In an unpublished excerpt from a future episode of Here it all begins put online by TF1, she will find Livio, whom she recently approached for a very specific purpose.

While the two master’s students are in the library, Charlène sees Louis heading towards the same place. Without hesitation, she rushes towards Livio and seduces him. She tells him that she really wants him to kiss her right away and, completely bewitched, the main interested party gives in… They exchange a languorous kiss while Louis arrives in the room!

Louis loses his temper

Louis is in shock and mad with rage at this scene. He rushes towards Livio and begins to threaten him verbally and physically. His former friend tries to calm him down and Charlène does the same, specifying to him nevertheless that she now does what she wants with whoever she wants!

This does not at all relax Louis who remains in a very important state of nerves. Charlene frees Livio from the hands of her ex by calling him “sick” and they leave together… Will she go even further in her quest for revenge?

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