Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 539 of Monday, November 28, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, a twist for Greg: the disconcerting news follows one another. Thomas and Salomé no longer know which foot to dance on. Vic and Jeremy try the last chance plan.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, November 28 in Here it all begins…

It’s the first day of exams for the third year… Tensions persist between Greg and Eliott. Greg hasn’t heard from his boyfriend all weekend and suspects him of spending all his time with Jude. Hortense contradicts him, testifying that Eliott studied all weekend at the Institute. Greg accuses Hortense of covering for his best friend. The girl replies that she doesn’t like Jude either, but that’s no reason to be violent with him and hurt Eliott by revealing certain aspects of his private life. She suggests that he trust her instead.

For his part, Jude apologizes to Eliott for kissing him. He thought there was something between them. Eliott ends up admitting it too. But according to him, this is not a reason for him to leave Greg because he is really in love with him. Eliott and Jude will therefore have to remain friends.

Chef Landiras then announces the test to the students: they must make a sweet and savory gourmet dessert, showing creativity and audacity.

In the pantry, Eliott confesses to Hortense and Mehdi that Jude kissed him. He adds that he has no intention of leaving Greg, but feels guilty about hurting him by telling him the truth. Mehdi advises him to keep it to himself at the risk of making things worse.

A little later, Eliott meets Greg in the cold room. The latter apologizes for having been violent towards Jude. He admits that he was afraid of losing Eliott. The two boys realize that they love each other and want to stay together. But when Greg tries to kiss his boyfriend, he dodges, admitting that Jude kissed him last Friday.

At the time of the results, Brice and Greg obtain a score of 9. They are shot down by Teyssier, who reproaches them for their lack of audacity. On the other hand, the pair of Eliott and Jude obtained the best score: a 16. Teyssier congratulated them on their chemistry.

Eliott tries to console Greg, but he gets snubbed. He apologizes for the kiss with Jude, claiming that the latter does not please him. However, Greg is not fooled. He provokes Eliott by believing him capable of sleeping with Jude.

In the workshop, Greg tells Brice that Jude kissed Eliott. His friend is not surprised. He knows Jude’s techniques well. A few months ago, the latter had a crush on his friend, who had ups and downs with his girlfriend. Jude took advantage of it. And he didn’t let go until the couple broke up. Brice declares that Jude is a psycho. He has a little idea to put it back in its place.

Meanwhile, Eliott does his business to leave for a few days, until things settle down. Jasmine is saddened by his departure. Eliott decides to go live in the same house as Jude, before realizing that it might get him in trouble. But Jude himself insists that Eliott squat the couch.

At the same time, Brice and Greg vandalize Jude’s locker to dump Double A’s garbage cans in it. By opening the locker, Greg comes across Jude’s laptop with surprise. This one having no code, Greg searches inside and discovers with amazement hundreds of stolen photos of Eliott, including one where the young man is changing in the locker room…

Seeing Salomé and Thomas interact, Anaïs suspects her friend of still being under the teacher’s spell. Salome confirms it. However, she is aware that a relationship is impossible. Since she can’t fight her attraction to him, her only solution is to avoid him.

Salomé therefore asks Rose to be able to stop following Thomas’ module, arguing that she feels too embarrassed in relation to Kelly. Rose is understanding and accepts his request. But when she talks about it with Thomas, she really regrets Salome’s decision and asks the teacher to make her change her mind.

Thomas finds Salomé in the glass roof. The student is sure of her decision, revealing that Kelly was overwhelmed to see him and his daughter outside the Institute last time. Salome however adds that instead of hating him, he haunts her thoughts. Thomas admits that it is mutual. Unable to resist the temptation, the couple ends up kissing…

Jérémy hopes to be able to renew the dialogue with his mother before his departure for Paris, scheduled for the same evening, but she still refuses to speak to him. Jeremy confides his despair and concern to Vic. The latter wants to try everything for everything: she intends to make an appointment with Joachim by pretending to be Séverine and to do the same with her by pretending to be him in order to take them as a flag.

At the Coffee Shop, Joachim confesses to Séverine that he would have preferred to prevent things from degenerating between Clotilde and her son. But at least his partner is now aware that Jeremy is doing everything to separate them. Séverine is happy for Joachim, putting her hand on his. But both end up realizing that they have been trapped.

It’s too late. Vic took a picture of them when they were close and sent it to Clotilde. She confronts Joachim as soon as she returns. He immediately accuses Jeremy and Vic of having tricked him. Faced with questions from Clotilde, Joachim admits that Séverine is his ex, with whom he continues to sleep from time to time. He adds that it means nothing to him because he really loves Clotilde. In shock, she announces that she intends to leave with Jeremy. When he returns, she wishes he had moved on.

Rose says goodbye to Jérémy and Clotilde, ready to leave for Paris before going to Australia. Clotilde is happy that her son opened her eyes. She will take her time to recover.

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