Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 739 of Monday August 28, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Ambre meets Malik but hides who she really is from him, Hortense rebels against Leroy and the names of the first eliminated from the competition come up.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, August 28 in Here it all begins…

Amber meets Malik

The entrance exams for the Institut Auguste Armand begin today. Hortense is afraid of not seeming credible in her role as teacher and examiner, but Mehdi reassures her. She would like to encourage Souleymane but her husband holds her back because it could pass for preferential treatment…

Nevertheless, Hortense still arranges to meet Souleymane discreetly in the commissary to restore his self-confidence. At the same time, Bérénice, who is none other than Constance’s half-sister, introduces herself to Teyssier. The two are obviously not close.

As usual, the director is icy and provocative while she stammers in the face of his pikes. Solal and Ambre, meanwhile, welcome the candidates at the entrance to the castle. Malik arrives and Amber recognizes him right away, like Solal who remembers his profile on his ex’s app!

This one also confesses: she never put photos on the interface, claimed to be called Ophélie and never went to the scheduled meeting with Malik! He therefore has no idea who she is. Then when Solal wishes him good luck, Malik replies that he won’t need it… This exacerbated self-confidence displeases Amber a lot.

Malik meets Souleymane. When he learns that the latter lives here, he asks him who Ophelia is… Obviously, Antoine’s son has no idea. Gradually, Malik realizes that “Ophélie” was actually a fake profile. He is very disappointed.

Hortense opposes Marc and Teyssier

In the locker room, Tom, Billie and Vic meet Penelope. All three take her for a teacher when she is in fact a candidate! She explains to them that she is 35 years old but is in the midst of a professional retraining… They are in awe and wish her success in the competition.

The tests will begin in the kitchens of Double A. Although very stressed, Bérénice does not lack humor, which amuses Carla, another candidate. The first exam begins and will last four hours… except that it won’t be so simple!

The imposed ingredients are a priori very hard to combine and music will be played while the young people are cooking… But they will have to stop when a piece stops and resume when it resumes!

Once the clock has started, Teyssier has fun stopping the music, to the chagrin of the candidates who protest. The director stops the sound for a very long time, Hortense asks Marc to reason with her friend, but he approves of this method to push the others to surpass themselves.

Penelope ends up getting angry and has a heated exchange with Teyssier. She thinks he shows sadism! He and Marc note her strong temperament and admit to appreciating this character trait provided she knows how to cook perfectly on the side. Teyssier finally returns the music.

The names of the first eliminated revealed

Time passes and it is already the end of the ordeal. Alas, Malik and Penelope fail… Hortense steps up to defend them: they hadn’t prepared for this event at all in these conditions and deserve a second chance. Marc listens to him and asks the eliminated players what they would have done with more time… Unfortunately caught off guard, Malik and Penelope don’t know what to say. Leroy then drops them to move on to deliberations.

The first results come in: Maya, Malik and Penelope fail. On the other hand, it goes for Carla, Bérénice, Jim, Léonard and Souleymane. The latter is also saddened by the behavior of Antoine. His father wants to avoid rejoicing too quickly, judging that his son can decide to abandon everything all at once…

After this day, Hortense films a video for her diary. She regrets the way the ordeal went because everything was unfair according to her. Hortense would have liked to see the candidates rebel. She then criticizes Marc, whom she describes as sneaky, vicious and worse than Teyssier… Mehdi’s wife even concludes that the chef is an asshole! However, the main interested party surprises her and demands an explanation…

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