Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 766 of Wednesday October 4, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Lionel goes into reconquest mode. Salomé embarks on a risky culinary challenge. For her part, Deva summons David to get to work.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Wednesday October 4 in Here it all begins…

Kelly breaks up with Lionel

At the Workshop, each brigade is gathered in front of Landiras, who wants to work as a collective. He therefore instructs each brigade to taste the appetizer and dish of each opposing brigade to provide constructive feedback. Still shaken up by the night they spent together the day before, Malik and Kelly don’t stop flirting with each other and turning around.

They meet at the Commissary to collect the ingredients they need, irresistibly attracted to each other. Once Livio and Souleymane leave the Commissary, Malik and Kelly no longer care and throw themselves passionately at each other.

Under the supervision of Landiras, Lionel’s brigade tastes the appetizer and the dish offered by Kelly’s brigade. Souleymane provides good advice, unlike Livio who does not believe in the principle of fair play between adversaries. As for Lionel, he is even more precise in his advice. He suggests that Kelly choose a key element among the seafood in her dish, that is to say, to concentrate on the clams and try to enhance them. Malik points out that they’ve already done this with seaweed butter. But Lionel believes that what would give the dish a real identity would be to work it into a stuffing. Kelly completely agrees with him.

Later, Ambre cleans the Workshop with Malik and takes the opportunity to congratulate him because he was able to put his ego aside and provide constructive feedback on Lionel’s dish. Malik points out that their relationship has changed a lot since the beginning of the year. Ambre goes so far as to admit that she likes him.

At the CDI, Kelly realizes that the recipe that Lionel recommended to her comes from the cookbook that he gave her at the time when she wanted to take the Institute competition. She is very touched by this attention. But she confides to Salomé and Ambre that she slept with Malik and that she feels completely lost between the two boys. For her part, Ambre takes the blame.

Solal finds her a little later in the cafeteria having fun on the pinball machine. Amber tells him what happened between Malik and Kelly. Solal reveals to him that Malik still thinks Kelly is Ophelia and that their relationship is based on a fantasy. He once again encourages Ambre to tell Malik the truth.

Meanwhile, Kelly goes to see Lionel in his room to thank him for his delicate attention. Delighted, the young man hopes to finally make peace with her. But when he approaches to kiss her, Kelly steps back, explaining that she can’t do it anymore. She prefers that they stop there…

Salomé completes her project

In the Institute grounds, Salomé talks to Claire about her new project for the Master’s degree: she explains that she no longer wants to impose a menu on her customers, but on the contrary puts herself at their disposal to create the dish they want. While Claire immediately highlights the logistical problems that this type of project involves, Salomé promises to work on her concept enough to convince her of its feasibility.

Worried, Claire talks about the situation to Clotilde, Zacharie and Gaëtan. She admits to being very skeptical about Salomé’s project. If the rest of his colleagues agree with him, adding that it is not economically or qualitatively viable, Gaëtan defends Salomé’s project by saying that she successfully tested it on him last week.

At Double A, Deva informs Anaïs, Salomé and Clotilde that a client is planning to come with his mother and that he wants to surprise her. In fact, his mother already ate at Double A about fifteen years ago and remembers a saskatoon berry and vanilla dessert. The customer in question therefore hopes that this dessert is still on the menu. Clotilde remembers it very well since it was a creation of her father. However, they ended up removing it from the menu due to the difficulty in obtaining Saskatoon berry. While Deva is about to call the client back to tell him that his request is impossible, Salomé instead wants to try to recreate it. As head of Double A, Anaïs gives him the green light.

At the roommate, Salomé tries to contact several suppliers to obtain Saskatoon berry, in vain. Anaïs advises her to give up on her project, but Salomé wants to persevere. Once she leaves, Gaëtan defends her, believing that she is right to fight. Anaïs does not agree with him. She is certain that her best friend will fail.

Deva is given a mission

Summoned by Myriel, Deva is entrusted with a mission of the utmost importance: the 50th birthday of the city’s mayor who will come to celebrate them at the Double A, privatized for the occasion, on Saturday evening. Myriel adds that there will be around a hundred guests, among all the local elite, and that there is therefore no room for error. Deva has carte blanche to choose her indoor team since Lisandro is absent. Deva accepts the mission.

Deva immediately tells David and Ethan about it. Her boyfriend is delighted to be able to support her as head waiter. But Deva doesn’t want to be accused of favoritism if she takes him on her team. Instead, she decides to organize a test among the students to choose the best possible head waiter. David, who plans to participate, is very confident about his chances of being chosen.

For her test, Deva asks each student to present different cheeses to her, to advise her as if she were a customer, then to make a cut according to the rules of the art. David goes first. He makes several mistakes that she points out. Then comes Thibault’s turn, who is doing particularly well.

Later, at the boarding school, Deva announces to David that she chose Thibault as head of the row simply because he was better than him on the test. David gets upset, thinking his girlfriend just doesn’t want to work with him. Deva retorts that above all she needs someone serious and involved, which is not the case for David who continues to take everything lightly. She reminds him that the Second Year is really difficult and that he will have to hang on to progress. Seeing David suddenly very stressed, she promises to help him.

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