Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 869 of Monday February 26, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… For Iris, this return to the institute is interesting to say the least. Souleymane is losing momentum in the kitchen. For Malik and Leonard finding love at a wedding may not be a legend.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Monday February 26 in Here it all begins…

Iris confesses the real reason for her return

Last Friday, Jasmine caught Iris coughing up blood, which prompted the latter to confess to her that she was seriously ill. Last weekend, the two women met at Double A to prepare for their course together. If Iris wants to act as if nothing happened, Jasmine thinks she absolutely must tell her sons about her illness.

During his class, Jim is always cold towards his mother. He is still angry with her that she asked him to leave Jasmine so that Thibault would agree to return to the Institute. At the end of the class, however, Jasmine encourages Jim to make an effort with his mother. She specifically asks to be able to speak to him face to face.

Alone with him, Iris tells him that she has a serious illness affecting her liver and that she only has a few weeks left to live. She explains that she got hired at the Institute so that she could spend her last moments with her family. Deeply touched, Jim hugs his mother, promising to find a way to bring Thibault back.

After which, Jim goes to the studio where his father works. In panic, he reveals to him the severe liver failure from which Iris suffers and begs him to call Thibault so that he comes home quickly. Leroy tries to calm his eldest son.

Jim then returns to the roommate with Jasmine. Kelly prepares them hot chocolates to comfort them. But Jim prefers to go running to clear his head. Jasmine then confides to Kelly that she is thinking of breaking up with Jim so that Thibault returns to the Institute. And this, even if she is really very in love with Jim.

For her part, Iris announces her illness to Constance. At the same time, Leroy joins them in the park, accusing his ex-wife of lying to manipulate his sons. Jasmine, who overhears their conversation, steps in to defend Iris. But nothing works.

As he leaves, Leroy meets Teyssier. The latter thinks that Iris is telling the truth. Leroy sticks to his position, accusing his former best friend of always being on Iris’s side. In fact, he still hasn’t kicked him out of the Institute despite his promises.

Iris, for her part, doesn’t blame Leroy for not believing her. Constance tries to comfort her. Jasmine then declares that she is ready to leave Jim so that Thibault returns and she can spend her last moments according to his wishes. Iris finally admits the real reason for her return to the Institute: her only chance of getting out is a transplant and the only compatible donor is Thibault…

Malik is in a delicate situation

At the Atelier, Magalie, the wedding planner’s assistant, comes to see Léonard and Malik to taste their proposals. The young woman takes advantage of Leonard’s absence to kiss Malik, whom she considers her boyfriend. The latter is embarrassed.

In the cafeteria, Malik tells Leonard and Billie that Magalie misunderstood his intentions. Indeed, even though they slept together last week, Malik didn’t let her believe anything else. Especially since he slept with a bridesmaid right after. Léonard nevertheless thinks that it would be too risky for their brigade if Malik dumped Magalie. Billie suggests instead that he make sure she’s the one who dumps him.

A little later, in the park, Malik tries the strategy he implemented on Billie’s advice. As soon as Magalie joins him and offers him a trip to the movies, Malik talks about his ex as if he hadn’t really moved on. Magalie declares that this gives them something in common since she is also coming out of a difficult relationship. Malik’s strategy comes across as honesty which only increases Magalie’s attraction to him.

Both then meet Hortense who understands that they have been a couple since last week’s wedding. The young woman finds their story very beautiful.

Souleymane is lagging behind

In the kitchen, the First Year students are working on a recipe based on turbo. This is a second chance given by Hortense because their work last week on this recipe left something to be desired.

If Carla and Bérénice are doing like bosses, Souleymane is struggling. When Hortense tastes her dish, she notices several problems. However, she notes that he chose his aromatic herbs very well. Souleymane takes this compliment as a reproach. He turns away, thinking that he is only good for working in the vegetable garden. While Hortense tries to sort things out, Souleymane leaves the kitchen.

Later, Hortense admits to Antoine that Souleymane is lagging behind. Claire and Olivia noticed it too. Hortense, however, thinks that this has nothing to do with cooking but rather with a personal problem.

At the end of the day, Antoine talks about it with Souleymane. He judges that his son does not work enough to catch up. Souleymane stands up, retorting that he should never have taken the Institute exam.

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