Here it all begins: why is Vanessa Demouy (Rose) absent from the soap opera?

It’s summer vacation for the characters of “Here it all begins”: tonight, Rose indeed announces to Antoine that she is going on a trip for three weeks… But for what reason does her interpreter Vanessa Demouy is it far from the series?

Vanessa Demouy is also moving away from the film sets of Here it all begins… but to come back better! In the episode which will be broadcast this Friday August 18, 2023 on TF1 from 6.30 p.m., Rose, the character she plays, is indeed going on leave for three weeks in Barcelona.

Vanessa Demouy visits Josephine

Moreover, when the director of the master prepares to temporarily leave the Auguste Armand Institute, she comes across Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal). Souleymane’s father (who will become a student in the cooking school) looks gray and regrets that she did not inform him of her vacation…

Discreetly, Antoine even tries to find out who Rose is going on a trip with… He therefore asks her if she is going with a girlfriend, to which she simply replies in the negative. Would she be accompanied by a man? No doubt in any case, the atmosphere is still as tense between them!

But why is Vanessa Demouy absent from the soap opera? At the time of the boxing of these sequences, the actress was in fact going to intervene in another successful fiction of the One: Joséphine, guardian angel! Mimie Mathy, who embodies the friendly heroine of the program, has also explained everything to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure a few weeks ago.

Reunion at the top

The actress said: “I’m going to find my friends from Here everything begins and Tomorrow belongs to us, Vanessa Demouy and Franck Monsigny. The plot will take place in a holiday center for young teenagers, of which Vanessa is the director.

At the beginning of the story, she has just been left by her man, with whom she had founded this establishment, has told Mimie Mathy. Everything is collapsing a little around her, like the choir competition in which the children must participate like every year. Until Joséphine arrives – of course – and raises the bar!

A future part of Joséphine, guardian angel not to be missed for fans of Vanessa Demouy! While waiting to find out, how will Rose’s return to Here it all begins? Will the distance between Antoine and her help calm the situation or encourage certain revelations? To be continued.

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