Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 466 of Tuesday August 16, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Claire gives Charlene a nice present, Enzo becomes the double A’s pastry chef. At the same time, Tony is the center of all attention.


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, August 16 in Here it all begins…


In the morning, Teyssier goes to the pop-up to have a little chat with Louis so that he cancels his engagement with Charlene. As Louis refuses to break her heart, Emmanuel threatens to reveal the whole truth to his daughter. While the son Armand retorts that he will not want to hurt Charlène, Emmanuel says he is ready to take the risk to prevent her from making a terrible mistake.

On joining them, Charlène asks to speak to her father. As he did not react to the announcement of his engagement, the young woman imagines that he disapproves. Emmanuel not hiding it, Charlène makes him understand that he will have to get used to it because she has no intention of changing her mind. Although he obviously doesn’t like Louis and thinks it’s a bad idea, the pastry chef nevertheless makes his daughter believe that he trusts her. He will therefore not oppose his wish. When Charlène thanks him, Emmanuel swears that he will always be there for her, especially on the day of her divorce… After telling her it was a joke, he takes her in his arms and congratulates her.

For her part, Claire is making her big comeback to the institute. In fact, Louis’ mother left the rest home in which she was staying earlier than expected and intends to spend time with Louis to help him prepare for his engagement. Although relations have always been tense between Louis and Teyssier, the chef Guinot assures us that her son really loves Charlène. Besides, she thinks that Louis and Charlène bring a lot to each other. Louis is more composed and serene, and Charlene is calmer since they have been together. When Teyssier declares that he hopes that with a little luck they will realize that their engagement is nonsense, Claire reminds him that the important thing is that they are happy.

For his part, Louis does not lead off and confides to Lionel that Teyssier put pressure on him. Since the latter is not the type to drop the case, Lionel advises him to take the lead by telling Charlène the truth while smoothing things over. By slipping her a few “I love you”, he is convinced that she will pass the towel. Seeing him hesitate, Lionel points out to him that Teyssier risks telling him things his way, that is to say dirty. Barring a miracle, he will then have no chance that Charlene will forgive him.

At the end of the day, Louis and Charlène return to the Guinots. When he is about to tell her everything, Claire arrives in turn to offer Charlène the ring that Auguste Armand had given her on the day of Louis’ birth. Touched by this symbolic gift, Louis and Charlène thank her warmly.

Later, Louis tries once again to talk to Charlene but ends up chickening out. When she tries to understand what is going on, he makes her believe that the hotel he wanted to book in the Maldives for their trip is full. However, Charlene doesn’t care because all that matters to her is that they are together. While she asks if that’s the only thing that bothers him, Louis says yes before specifying that he will never lie to her…


At the institute, Clotilde and Rose summon Enzo because they have a proposal to make to him. As he is heading towards a professional project in high-end bakery-pastry, chef Armand offers him to become the double A pastry chef for a few weeks. Overjoyed, Enzo accepts without hesitation.

Later, a cocktail was organized at the double A to celebrate Teyssier’s victory in the national pastry championship. For the occasion, he brings with undisguised pride the competition trophy then takes the floor to publicly thank Enzo and Salomé for having supported him during the competition. Emmanuel then dedicates his victory to his wife and children but also to his friend Auguste Armand for whom he has a special thought today. At the end of his speech, Teyssier takes Enzo aside and congratulates him on having been an excellent second. He even encourages the young man to persevere because if he continues on this momentum, he may one day be able to come close to his ankle.

Axel, who noticed that Salomé was not present at the cocktail party, questions Enzo about it. The latter then tells him everything that happened in the championship.

Shortly after, Axel finds Salomé at home and tries to cheer her up. If she has a little trouble recovering from the latest events, Axel still manages to relax the atmosphere and make her smile.


Gaëtan pushes Tony to invite Laetitia for the opening of their coffee shop which will take place next week. However, Tony has understood very well that his friend is trying to bring them closer. Although he has feelings for Kelly’s mother, he doesn’t think it’s the right time to flirt with her because she has just separated from Guillaume. Besides, by trying something now, he would be afraid to pass for a pusher. But Gaëtan still advises him to take the first step.

For her last day of internship, chef Listrac invited Marie, a friend who runs one of the best restaurants in Avignon, to show the apprentice chefs some tips she uses every day in the kitchen.

And it won’t take long for Marie to fall in love with Tony. So much so that she ends up abandoning the other students to show him how to cook a perfectly circular fried egg.

At the end of class, Tony, Gaëtan and Laetitia are talking in the park when Marie joins them to invite her student for a drink. However, Tony declines claiming to be tired. As Laetitia does not understand why he refused, Tony, who is uncomfortable, makes her believe that he could call her back in the future. An answer that seems to please Laetitia.

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