Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 542 of Thursday, December 1, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, at Double A, the opinions on Lisandro are half fig and half grape. For her part, Elodie is forced to lay Charlène and Louis down on the couch.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 1 in Here it all begins…

Eliott and Jude meet at the entrance to the Institute. Eliott admits having had trouble falling asleep following Brice’s attack the day before. Jude then reveals his whole story to him: Brice and him were friends until he told him that he was gay. From there, Brice started harassing him. Already in Lille, he turned everyone against him. From now on, it continues within the Institute. Brice is very good at hiding his game. Jude adds that this is the first time he has told anyone about it. But if Eliott pushes him to tell Myriel about it, Jude isn’t ready to do so.

In class, Eliott and Jude present their dish to chef Listrac and chef Théo. Both are conquered by their smoothness, as well as by the alchemy of their pair. All that remains is to convince Teyssier. When Brice threatens Jude, Eliott tries to display it in front of everyone, but Brice manages to play the innocent.

After class, Eliott tells Greg that Brice has been harassing Jude for a long time. Greg, who finds it very hard to believe, intends to talk about it with Brice to clear things up. During this time, Brice takes advantage that Jude is alone in the pantry to threaten and assault him. When he spits in his face, Jude reacts and goes after him, just as Greg arrives. He has to separate them. Jude leaves, while Brice complains to Greg. He denies everything Eliott told him about him. The two friends then brainstorm a way to put Jude in his place.

For his part, Eliott accompanies Jude to tell Myriel that there was a misunderstanding about the oil the day before. Eliott takes responsibility. Myriel is surprised. He informs Jude that a place is free for him in a school in Bordeaux. But the student replies that he intends to stay at the Institute, in particular to be able to continue working with Eliott. Greg joins them and makes them believe that he has ended his friendship with Brice. He claims to trust Eliott and apologizes to Jude for having taken it out on him.

In class, Teyssier tastes the dishes of all the pairs. For him, none are really up to par, except for Eliott and Jude. They are therefore chosen to give a demonstration to the chefs at the end of their seminar at the Institute the next day. Facing Brice’s glare, Jude declares that he doesn’t want to participate.

At the end of class, Jude explains that he fears reprisals from Brice. But with support from Eliott and Greg, who point out what a golden opportunity this is, Jude changes his mind. A little behind, Greg calls Brice to inform him that their plan is working perfectly…

Elodie makes the introductions between Louis and Brice. The latter does not hesitate to apply for a post of clerk, which Louis politely declines. Once Brice has left, Louis declares that he understands why Elodie is attracted to him, given that he is an upstart. Elodie contradicts him, saying that Brice has nothing to do with the selfish manipulator he is.

Later, Louis comes to apologize to Elodie for what he said about Brice. He explains that he is in a bad mood. At the same time, Charlène approaches them, insulting Louis in passing. In revenge, the latter posts a disadvantageous photo of his ex on their old Instagram account. Elodie finds him pathetic.

Charlène then accuses Elodie of being behind the post. This denies and agrees with the young girl’s opinion. However, she is not surprised by Louis’ reaction. She points out that Charlène knows him well and that she should have expected it. So either Charlene has to ignore Louis so he can leave her alone, or she has to admit that she still has feelings for him and that’s why she’s looking for him.

Elodie then finds Louis at the workshop to tell him about Charlène’s suffering following his post. She advises her ex to assume that he is still in love with Charlene and to apologize to her.

After demonstrating against Lisandro, David demands compliments. His coach reminds him that he is not there to tell him what he wants to hear. Deva, who attended the practice, approaches David to congratulate him on his progress. She underlines how lucky he is to have Inesta as a coach.

While on duty at Double A, Deva returns to the kitchen with a dessert and asks Theo to redo a plate of it without quince jelly for a client. Theo takes the fly and refuses his request, explaining that customers are not there to have demands. Lisandro, who overhears their conversation, comes to Deva’s rescue. He mentions to Theo that the customer in question is allergic to quince. In this case, the chef agrees to redo the plate.

Deva returns to the dining room to serve the customer in question, encouraging him to specify his food allergies the next time. The client replies that he has no allergy. He just doesn’t like quince. Deva understands that Inesta lied to the Chief to cover her up. She is impressed and seeks further advice on being a butler.

At the end of her day, Deva finds Souleymane and admits to being a little lost. She still loves cooking, but the organizational side, the human contact and the diplomatic qualities that her job requires appeal to her more and more. She never ceases to sing the praises of Inesta, who has helped her gain self-confidence. For his part, Souleymane is responsible for providing 100% Double A with the vegetable garden.

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