Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 614 of Monday, March 6, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Axel is not at the end of his surprises. In the kitchen, Theo tries to silence his feelings. A misunderstanding between David and Deva spices up their relationship.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, March 6 in Here it all begins…

At the Institute, everyone is worried about Axel’s disappearance, including Clotilde and Rose. Unlike them, Louis is not ready to accept the young man as his half-brother. Above all, he suspects Teyssier of having found a way to mess up the Armand clan.

For his part, Teyssier harasses Jasmine to find out if she has heard from Axel, but this is still not the case. Annabelle takes the opportunity to taunt her rival, accusing him of having broken her nephew, who will not forgive her. But Teyssier does not crack.

Eventually, Jasmine and Ethan reunite with Axel at the Salt Marshes, where he spent the weekend alone to reflect. He says he went to the tomb of Auguste Armand. But this whole story still seems unreal to him. Axel still remains with several unanswered questions about the circumstances of his birth and the only person likely to answer them is none other than his uncle. Ethan and Jasmine therefore encourage him to go talk to him, even if he is still angry with him.

Axel arrives unexpectedly in his uncle’s office to ask him questions in the hope of obtaining the strict truth. Emmanuel tells her more details: Lucie had just separated from Auguste when she learned of her pregnancy. And when he learned that he was already in a relationship with Claire, with whom he already had a son, Lucie preferred not to tell him anything. Since she knew she couldn’t raise him because of his cancer, Lucie looked for a solution. She didn’t want Auguste to take care of him, nor to have to entrust her child to social services.

Emmanuel therefore offered him another arrangement: to entrust Axel to close friends. After that, Emmanuel always respected the promises he made to Lucie, that is to say to keep Axel’s true identity a secret. When the latter was entrusted to Lola and Philippe, Emmanuel recounts having lost contact with Lucie, who left to live her last days in peace. He learned of his death from his parents shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, at the Atelier, Louis overhears Amber and Tom’s comments about Auguste Armand’s bastards. Stung to the quick, the professor puts an end to his lesson. He is joined by Claire, who confesses to him that she was not aware of the existence of another Armand son. Louis, who based his entire identity on his link with Auguste Armand, is questioning himself. But his mother is there to remind him that he never needed his father to succeed as an ambitious and demanding cook.

Later, Axel finds Theo, who gives him his support. When Axel shows his cousin a photo of his biological mother, he feels he recognizes her. He remembers having seen him ten years ago, leaving their house in tears. But when he questioned his father, he yelled at him, retorting that it was none of his business.

On returning home, Axel confronts Emmanuel about his umpteenth lie, in the presence of Constance, Lola and Philippe. Teyssier ends up admitting that Lucie came knocking on his door ten years ago because she had changed her mind and wanted to see her son again. He stopped him to avoid causing trouble, which Axel finds deeply unfair. The young man declares that he no longer wants to see his uncle, whom he accuses of destroying everything…

At Double A, Theo tells Jude that he’s not disappointed with the end of his lunch box swap. On the contrary, he is very happy to finally know the identity of the mystery chef. And since Anaïs is in a relationship with Lisandro, the seduction game no longer holds, which will allow Théo to come down from his fantasy.

Later, Theo meets Anaïs at the Economat and offers to work with him on a new dessert for the Double A menu. The young girl accepts with pleasure. By observing them, Salomé finds that Theo is taking the opportunity to flirt with her best friend. But Anaïs is convinced that there is no ambiguity between them. And if necessary, she is ready to crop it.

At Double A, Anaïs takes advantage of a break to join Lisandro, but she falls on her answering machine. On joining her, Theo notices that something is bothering her and invites her to confide. In need of news from her companion, Anaïs admits that she is starting to worry. Theo helps him put things into perspective, then offers to help him with his Strudel recipe for his class with Listrac.

At the studio, Anaïs shares with Théo her idea of ​​revisiting the famous Alsatian brioche. The latter considers that it is a sufficiently comforting pastry in itself and suggests that he work on an original accompaniment. After having mentioned the idea of ​​a coulis, then an ice cream, Anaïs had the idea of ​​accompanying her brioche with jasmine.

Théo takes advantage of this moment of complicity to reassure Anaïs and promise her that he will not judge her on her moods in relation to her relationship. He tells her some funny anecdotes that he lived at the time when he was in a relationship with Célia, who, by his own admission, exercised a kind of magic on him which drove him crazy. At the same time, Lisandro calls Anaïs, who picks up with joy.

Before class, Deva notices that David has his nose buried in a notebook and asks him about it. The latter explains to him that he is working on a recipe for dahl for the Listrac course. Perfectly mastering this traditional Indian dish because of its origins, Deva begins to shower it with advice.

But David replies that he prefers to work alone, without outside help. Charmed by this unusual good student side in her girlfriend, Deva keeps him in her room to make love. What is his astonishment when David declines his proposal for the benefit of his work.

During the Listrac course, each 1st year student is paired with a 3rd year student as a clerk. David, in tandem with Lionel, presents his plate to the chef. Despite its classic side, she notes that her recipe works well.

At the end of the course, however, David expresses his disappointment with what he has released. He would have liked their teacher to be more demanding so that he could improve. Eliott and Lionel tease him about it. At the same time, Deva overhears their conversation around BDSM relationships.

After her service at Double A, Deva confides in Kelly about what she heard. Since then, Deva is convinced that David is bored with her in bed, and that he would be the type to like receiving a spanking. Questioned by Kelly on what she thinks of it, Deva admits that she would be ready to try certain things to see if she would like it too.

Later, David gets out of the shower and joins Deva in the locker room. As usual, he teases her by throwing his wet towel in her face. While he’s getting dressed, Deva grabs his towel to hit his buttocks with it. The young man is surprised, but admits to having liked it. A little embarrassed, Deva packs her things and waits for her outside.

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