Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 623 of Friday March 17, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Jasmine discovers that Ambre and Axel have slept together, Eliott leaves the Institute and Salomé tests Gaëtan’s jealousy.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, March 17 in Here it all starts

Amber and Axel slept together

Amber has the bad surprise to see the secret she had revealed to join the Circle leaked… It is revealed that she slept with Axel a year ago, when he arrived at the Institute! She dreads the reaction of Jasmine, her classmate, who knows nothing about this adventure.

The case goes quickly to the ears of the latter. She is furious and demands an explanation from Axel. Jasmine is disgusted by this information although her boyfriend swears to her that it was just an unimportant romance. She feels like he fell back on her because no other girl wanted him.

The young man tells her that he loves her but she needs to be alone. She is depressed, Eliott and Hortense comfort her. Axel goes to see Ambre, he tells her about the situation with Jasmine. Amber is uncomfortable and explains to him why she wrote these words. She apologizes and regrets. They blame each other for hurting Jasmine.

Amber tries to discuss with her classmate but this one is pointed. Jasmine scolds him for not being honest and accuses him of playing a double game. Annoyed, Amber runs into the locker room and argues with Vic about the latter keeping the secrets of the Circle. Hortense, who was in a cabin, heard everything.

Vic feels remorse but Hortense encourages him. She noticed that she made efforts to improve herself and advises her little sister to pursue them despite this big incident. For his part, Enzo panics. He rushes to see Clotilde and reminds her that if her secret comes out, she will fall with him. The head even adds that the whole Institute will collapse!

At the same time, in the management office, Antoine is very surprised by all these announcements on the Cercle. He understands that Rose already knew about the existence of the secret society. She admits to him that it is she and Clotilde who are the founders! His companion is in shock and reproaches him for never having told him anything. Moreover, he finds this system of exclusivity unfair.

Emmanuel finds Rose and Clotilde. He promises them that he will remain director after the vote in three weeks. They still deny being part of the Circle but the pastry chef remains determined to expose their lies.

Salome tests Gaëtan

Laetitia tells Salomé that she and Zacharie have reconciled after their quarrels the day before in a torrid way. The student compares her relationship with Gaëtan and notes that she is more serene. Laetitia declares that this more peaceful dynamic does not correspond to her. Salomé thinks she finds them boring and that bothers her.

She decides to go see Gaëtan and tells him that she is going to see Thomas in the evening when he does not seem to have forgotten her. She waits for a reaction from her boyfriend… but the sports teacher is not jealous and rather understanding. He completely trusts her. Salome is disappointed to find that he doesn’t care.

Later, Gaëtan finds her in the kitchen. He talks to her about his date with his ex and confronts her: he knows that it was not true. Salome feels silly and admits she was trying to test him. Gaëtan simply points out that their relationship is healthy and that’s a good thing. She approves and they kiss. She also repeats the same thing to Laetitia who remains skeptical.

Eliott leaves the Institute

Eliott prepares his suitcase for Tokyo. Hortense is sad to see him go but he promises her he’ll be back. He goes alone for a walk Naël in the park and takes the opportunity to say goodbye to him with emotion. He explains to her that he is leaving to join his dad, Greg. Jasmine finds them. Eliott thanks them for being in his life.

In the afternoon, Hortense, Jude and Mehdi organize a surprise drink for Eliott. He is touched by this attention. He informs them that he is going to spend the weekend in Paris with Célia before flying off to Japan. Eliott will finally say goodbye to Lionel.

He hides behind the stove because he is affected by Eliott’s departure. He admits that he is a good person for his best friend. Lionel has tears in his eyes because all the people he likes are leaving… Eliott asks him never to change. They embrace.

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