Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 675 of Tuesday, May 30, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Hortense sinks into a lie. Lisandro has an unexpected surprise for David and Deva. Samia bids farewell to the Institute.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, May 30 in Here it all begins…

Hortense sinks into a lie

Teyssier is waiting for Hortense at the entrance to the Institute. Informed by Mehdi, he is worried that the young woman will have bouts of bulimia again. Hortense ensures that she manages the situation, supported by her mother. Both manage to convince Teyssier to let her continue to give lessons, to do coaching and to follow her revisions normally.

Nevertheless, Hortense is very angry with Mehdi for telling Teyssier about her problems. Her boyfriend admits his great concern and his impression that she is in denial, which annoys Hortense even more.

Later, Teyssier summons Ambre and Tom to the Atelier, following a complaint from Théo about the service of the Double A. He counts on Ambre to make them work. At the end of the exercise, she finds that their plates are perfect. She understands that their problem is to manage the very speedy pace of the service.

To exercise them, Hortense challenges them to take out five plates of the same dish, allowing 30 seconds per plate. There, the result is catastrophic. Hortense then gives them advice on how to improve and find the happy medium between the precision of the dish and the dressing of the plate. Teyssier, who came back to observe him working with the 2nd years, is responsible for making them work the next day as well. Hortense is therefore going to teach them to work on the assembly line.

For his part, Mehdi criticizes Teyssier for not having taken the necessary measures to spare Hortense. Chef Guinot takes the side of the young man, knowing how difficult it is to listen to yourself when you are sick. But the director of the Institute sticks to his position: he has decided to treat Hortense as a responsible adult.

After which, Claire goes to see Eugenie in the infirmary to discuss Hortense’s case. Her mother admits that she does not know if her daughter is honest, but she prefers to trust her. She takes the opportunity to thank the chef for having helped her daughter last year during her bulimia attacks. Today, she intends to catch up and do everything to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Hortense realizes that her gums are bleeding. At the same time, Mehdi joins her to apologize. He makes her swear to talk to him if she ever isn’t well…

Samia bids farewell to the Institute

Samia announces to Myriel and Teyssier that she has been accepted at the Villa Medici. As her residency begins in a month, she feels that she does not need to take the end-of-year exams at the Institute. Teyssier accepts, then congratulates her, having always known that she would go far.

The girl then goes to the studio to see Billie and Vic. She admits that she is eager to leave for this professional residency which will allow her to find her own cuisine and develop her own style, unlike the training offered at the Institute.

At the end of the day, Samia has a drink with her friends. Billie, Tom, Vic, Axel – all are present. Including Ethan, who eventually joins them. Everyone is both happy and sad that Samia is leaving. Ethan takes her aside to find out if she would have gone to Rome even without their breakup, which the young girl confirms to him. However, she wants to tell him that the relationship has been very important to her. The two exes hug each other.

Iñesta has a surprise for David and Deva

In the park, David and Deva speculate on the worst punishments Iñesta could give them. What is their surprise when the maitre d’ offers them lunch at the Double A to celebrate their six-month relationship with dignity. If, during the meal, David still expects a trap, Deva encourages him to take advantage of the moment.

After their dessert, the couple thanks Iñesta for the delicious meal. As they prepare to leave, the latter holds them back for their punishment. He instructs them to do the washing up, then to clean the cellar, which is in a deplorable state. David and Deva are immediately disillusioned.

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