Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 741 of Wednesday August 30, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Clotilde protects Hortense but sets the record straight, Maya and Léonard receive unexpected news and Vic and Enzo’s first date does not go as planned. foreseen.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 30 in Here it all begins…

Leonard and Maya receive unexpected news

Léonard and Maya are about to leave the Institute after their failure in the competition tests. They are extremely disappointed not to have succeeded. Léonard does not know that his destiny has been thwarted by Hortense’s intervention. He also does not know where they are going to go since they are 18 years old and therefore can no longer reside in a home…

Maya is positive despite the difficulties that await them, but Leonard cries. He is tired of always having to fight to survive. They nevertheless intend to work all year to have the competition next year.

Salomé has lunch with her protégés. She promises to see them all the time and to help them revise despite their hasty departure. Salomé is worried about what will happen next for them in terms of accommodation. She suddenly has an idea: to make them stay in the hotel of Sylvie, her biological mother, in return for a job in the establishment! Maya and Leonard happily accept.

Clotilde protects Hortense

Hortense wants to admit to Teyssier that she favored Souleymane during a test of the Institute competition. Clotilde prevents him because according to her the consequences of this act would be disastrous for everyone. The chef therefore decides to lie to the director by telling him that the exams had leaked out before they took place: she invents that some candidates already knew the subjects!

Teyssier will bring together the teaching team. Hortense and Clotilde have a plan to drown the fish. They find the candidates who have gathered in the amphitheater and announce to them that the whole program is turned upside down. They do not know if the last test will take place and that makes the assembly grumble. Souleymane asks Hortense for information but she keeps him at a distance.

The teacher crisis meeting begins, Teyssier wants to reset all the counters and reorganize the competition from the beginning with new candidates! Leroy opposes it then Clotilde and Hortense make their proposal… which suits everyone.

After this interview, Hortense again thanks Clotilde for having covered her and would also like to know why she did that. Joachim’s partner replies that she feels her potential as a teacher and thinks she could even become the best. But she urges him to remember that she is there to support the students and not to be their friend.

Shortly after at the coffee machine, Carla asks Jim for change and starts the conversation. She wonders why the contest was suspended and he doesn’t really react. Carla wants to phone her parents’ lawyer to put pressure on the Institute because she considers that the teachers have no right to treat them in this way.

Jim replies simply… that she tires him! Carla is offended, the tone rises and insults burst forth. Hortense hears them and demands that they calm down. She also states that they are summoned later to get more information. At the same time, the moment of goodbye has come for Salomé, Maya and Léonard but Antoine invites them to take their place in the amphitheater with their fellow candidates…

Souleymane’s father reveals that the results of the first two tests have been canceled and that everyone will be able to try their luck again. Malik or even Carla rebel but Hortense raises her voice and cuts them short. With firmness, she explains that only one test will be proposed and that the twenty best will be the next promotion of the Institute.

Many candidates already taken cry foul. Jim exchanges a few words on this subject with Hortense. Carla notices this and goes to ask Thibault’s brother questions. But Jim sends him packing once more. She provokes him by telling him that he will not be one of the new elected officials by being so nervous… For their part, Maya and Léonard are more than ever determined to succeed and have absolutely no intention of letting this unexpected opportunity pass.

Difficult start for Vic and Enzo

At the hospital, Enzo gets dressed for Vic. He even forces himself to stand up to seduce her even though Aude advises him against it… Vic also advises him not to make too much of an effort but he doesn’t listen to her. The young people are close to kissing but a nurse interrupts them and reminds her patient that he must take it easy.

He then receives a visit from Billie and Tom. Enzo confides to them that he has the impression that Vic looks at him with pity and that there is no seduction between them. Billie reassures him, Vic is interested in him but the context of the hospital does not favor the rapprochement…

Billie then decides to help her friend to organize a romantic date in Vic. Next to the hospital, they set up a very pretty table with the means at hand. The main interested party later returns to see Enzo. He then reveals his surprise to her and asks her to become his girlfriend.

Vic teases him, she won’t answer him until after this first date. Alas, while he was standing, Enzo falls! Panicked, Vic wants to call a nurse but he categorically refuses. She then wants to help him get up but he pushes her away curtly… Enzo even cancels their dinner and goes back to his room!

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