here the dates of all the bac results (including the date of the results)

This Friday, June 14, 2024, marks the beginning of the 2024 baccalaureate session. All terminal students will receive different results unless we know the dates. That’s the point.

In 2023, 84.9% of the 739 500 candidates were successful in obtaining their diploma, against 86% in 2022. This promotion was the first to pass the test in the conditions requested by the reform of the 2021 BA, where certain tests were carried out in March and others in June. A rapidly declining reform is expected in 2024, with all candidates passing the exams only the month of June. A stressful period for the students and their parents who are forced to strive to succeed.

And for those who do not get the average of the first coup, they can quickly count on the rattrapages to obtain your diploma. In 2023, the success rate will also have fallen from 84.9% to 90.9% thanks to the traps. 57.1% of bachelors received a mention. To summarize, the average must be over 12/20 to earn a bachelor’s degree. So, will the 2024 graduates be better than those in 2023?

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Dates of the examinations for the general and professional baccalaureate

The Ministry of National Education and Youth revealed the dates of the general baccalaureate examination results. Thus, the French anticipatory written findings lie in the Friday 14 June 2024 morning. Then, the findings of philosophy derail the Tuesday 18 June 2024 morning. Then, my learned specialty dictations turn out to be Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June 2024. Concerning the findings of the Grand Oral, they lie in the Monday, June 24th and later on July 3rd, 2024according to the organization of each academy.

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With regard to the professional baccalaureate, the examination dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 11 June 2024 : living languages ​​A ;
  • Friday 14 June 2024 : living languages ​​B ;
  • Tuesday 18 June 2024 : findings of French, history and geography and moral and civil education;
  • Wednesday 19 June 2024 : prevention, health and environment, economics-law and economic management;
  • Thursday June 20, 2024 : applied arts and artistic cultures.

Baccalaureate results

The fool awaits Monday, July 8, 2024 to know the results of the general and technological baccalaureate. Same date for the results of the professional baccalaureate. For the general baccalaureate, the required replacement certificates are fixed from Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th September 2024. And for the professional baccalaureate, the replacement certificates expire on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Thursday 12, Friday 13 September, Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 September and Monday 23 September 2024.

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An intense period for all candidates who may be particularly stressed and who simply need support to review in the best conditions. The idea is to obtain the first-choice baccalaureate by awarding a well-deserved summer holiday!

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