Here’s how to warm up in winter without turning up the heat


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Useful tips if you don’t want to spend a fortune on energy costs.

Winter is almost here already. Temperatures are low at the beginning of October and some homes are already starting to turn on the heating. Others are still hesitating with soaring gas and electricity prices for several months. Fortunately, there are many tricks to keep warm without excessively increasing the thermostat of the radiators in your home. Not insignificant advice for people who are used to working from home.

The first solution may be obvious, but it’s important to remember it. The best way to warm up without blowing up your energy bill is to arm yourself with your warmest clothes. Wool sweaters are necessarily recommended, thick socks too, and we do not hesitate to adopt the onion technique: superimpose two or three layers (for example, a thin T-shirt, a shirt, and a thick sweater ). If your feet are impossible to warm up, opt for thermal booties. These slippers have several layers and are therefore an excellent barrier against the cold.

Eat or drink hot

Again, this is nothing new. But what efficiency! Nothing better to keep warm. Prepare a good hot dish with sauce or a tea or a coffee, or even a hot chocolate, and your body is invigorated. The must of the must? Cooking a good soup to enjoy in the evening in front of the TV and the cold is no longer your enemy. Formidable.
Another effective tip is to buy a hot water bottle. It’s the best way to warm up your feet and hands. Warming up the extremities of your body is essential so that you no longer feel the cold in the rest of your limbs. Finally, the last way to raise the temperature is to take a break from work to do some physical activity. You can do small exercises (jumps, knee raises, buttocks, squats, etc.) or simply dance to your favorite music. In addition to relaxing, you fight against a sedentary lifestyle at work.

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